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Why Small Businesses Need a Phone Answering Service

Did you know that about 20% of your customers produce 80% of your sales? Combine this with the fact that 92% of customer interactions happen over the phone and you’ll realize now, more than ever, why a phone answering service is a must. 

Adding live virtual receptionist services for customer call handling, lead generation, and appointment scheduling is a great way to establish advanced phone etiquette. Small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from live person call handling integrations and by offering personalized on-call responses for company greetings. 

Empowering your business with the right tools is a great way to scale up your customer engagement. Phone answering services for small businesses allow you to engage with customers 24/7 and tailor your brand voice based on the unique characteristics of your audience, while giving your customers the reassurance that they are talking to a real person. 

The phone answering service that we incorporate works like a virtual receptionist and is integral for small business engagement with clients and prospects. People often do not know how to handle customer calls and how to activate the call forwarding feature to better manage their queries, but we can take care of that. 

Therefore, small businesses like yours can leverage virtual receptionist services to compensate for limited resources while still offering great customer service. This article will review how this service impacts callers and helps small businesses.

5 Benefits of Phone Answering Services for Small Businesses

Our live answering service ensures your clients never go unattended. The working procedure is like that of a call center where there are a lot of incoming phone calls, but they can be answered using the call forwarding feature to a trained and professional receptionist. 

The top 5 benefits of using this service for a small service provider are as follows.

1. No missed opportunities

When you do not invest in this service, and there is a receptionist working for you, it is impossible to employ them for 24 hours. Hence, during after-hours services, all your incoming calls will go unattended, which might be problematic for your small business because it can create a negative brand image representing negligence or lack of a customer-centric approach. 

With an interactive service like ours, you can also provide virtual receptionist service, automatically taking care of customer support. You won’t miss out on any opportunities to serve your clients.

2. Increased productivity

One of the major benefits of a telephone answering service is that it automatically increases productivity. This is because it boosts your other domains when you have real-time help where service providers take care of one genre. 

As a business owner, you must ensure that productivity is at the optimum level. Your employees will perform better because they’re not tied up on the phone all day long (or all night long if you require 24-hour coverage).

In a call answering service, proficiency is much more automatic, and you can take care of more clients at once. With a reliable provider you will be able to provide your clients with the service and attention they need, while keeping your focus on your own business.

3. Customer service around the clock

When it comes to providing 24/7 customer service, there are many advantages to having a professional phone answering service. If you’re not able to answer calls at all times, a virtual receptionist can take messages and route callers to the appropriate person at the appropriate time. A virtual receptionist can also schedule appointments on your behalf. Small businesses still need to be accessible, even when you’re not around, so working with a professional phone answering service makes accessibility more possible.

At Gabbyville, our service ensures that you can even cater to audiences who are not in the country. Your time zones may not align, but that’s no longer a challenge. 

4. Lower business overhead costs

Yes, you read it right! Incorporating virtual receptionist services is very cost-effective and adds a professional touch as the virtual receptionists answer calls with personalized company greetings. However, keeping the call volume in mind, it is always very important to make sure that you hire someone who can take care of such a load, and for that, you have to pay competitive rates too. 

With an answering service, that is no longer a bottleneck thanks to its cost-effectiveness. The best thing is that even after business hours, you will be able to help clients, which is completely worth the money you invest in these services. 

5. Reinforce client relationships

Finally, one of the most important benefits of using such a virtual receptionist service is that it is known to foster better client relationships every day. Using a phone answering service helps reinforce client relationships by allowing you to take advantage of additional resources while maintaining contact with your customers.

For any small business, ensuring client retention is very important; hence, effective call handling is a driving force. As professional answering service companies, we have tried to make sure that we can help you with services that are around the clock and, at the same time, great for your relationships. By proving to your customers that you’re willing to go the extra mile, you can grow your revenues in the long run. 

Things to Consider Choosing an Answering Service

When you think of a professional answering service like ours, there are so many options in this particular domain that it can become overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are the important factors to consider.

The professionalism of virtual receptionists

Always remember that the virtual receptionist you choose will handle your potential clients. Hence, you should work with a professional answering service that you can trust to keep up your brand image and communicate in the best possible way.

People who answer your phones should be able to take messages, handle problems, and help with office administration tasks necessary for business operations such as reminding clients of appointments. Many virtual receptionists have experience in sales and customer service, so they can understand your business better than inexperienced operators. 

At Gabbyville, we ensure our virtual receptionists are trained for success and ingrain a positive impression. Whether you are a solopreneur or small business, you can trust that your clientele will receive receive professional and reliable service when they give you a call.

How they personalize the caller’s experience

Customers need a seamless transition that is personalized to fit businesses’s services and offerings. You should also find out if the answering service gives options for voicemail greetings (i.e., choice of messages), allows easy-to-understand options menus, and offers consistent training for agents on how to handle calls in specific situations (e.g., when speaking with visitors or requesting a quote).

We take into account not only professionalism, but also understand that the requirements for every business are very different. We understand personalization is key to your caller’s experience and make it suited to their needs. 


Pricing is a big decision when choosing an answering service. It can determine how long a company stays in business, how long it takes for your call will be answered, and what type of service you get.

Small businesses are often on a budget and the cost factor is a source of concern. The driving factors are the setup fee and the answering service cost. At Gabbyville, we keep our costs affordable and realistic to ensure we can assist every client with business phone call services.

Features they offer

In choosing an answering service, it’s important to determine which features matter most to you and your business. Some services offer both live receptionists and pre-recorded messages, while others focus solely on live receptionists. Perhaps you’re looking for a service that can accommodate multiple locations or departments, or offer toll-free access and customized greetings. 

The service Gabbyville brings forward is an amalgamation of many features. We assist different industries, like healthcare, real estate, veterinary clinics, and more, with taking up clients’ calls full-time and much more.

Bilingual capabilities

Bilingual capabilities are an important factor because answering services serve many customers who speak other languages. It helps to better communicate with multi-lingual callers that may not speak English fluently, allowing your agents to communicate accurately with them so that the caller does not lose service or get frustrated.

At Gabbyville, we strive to deliver global services to speakers across different parts of the world. 

Focus Your Attention on What Matters with Gabbyville

We strongly believe that for a small business to achieve all its goals, it has to deliver on the fine print and every minute detail of customer service that many businesses forget. Be it simple text messaging to your clients, emails, or even client calls, we aim to deliver exceptional round-the-clock live receptionist assistance. 

Our focus is to meet your business needs so that you can conveniently set up customer call handling for better customer engagement. Outsourcing inbound and outbound call management services to live receptionists can take your customer experience to the next level while reducing your operational costs. Small and large businesses alike choose Gabbyville’s professional phone answering service to maintain a professional image for their clientele.

Contact us at Gabbyville for virtual staffing, and we will take up the onus for you and help you reach your business goals.