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What Makes our virtual receptionists & answering service awesome? Our Gabbonistas!

gab Plus Sign gift of gab Equal Sign gabbonistas
to talk; chatter a talent for speaking having the talent to speak while making our voices smile!

Our virtual receptionists — our Gabbonistas — aren’t employed in Gabbyville for just a paycheck! They truly have a passion for exceptional customer service! They treat our business, as well as yours, as if it were their very own. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy to answering calls. We offer constant customer service training seminars in order to ensure our Gabbonistas are at the top of their game at all times. Some of our features include:

Live phone answering

  • Calls are always answered by a friendly, accommodating voice
  • Calls are routed to appropriate persons/department
  • Messages are promptly and accurately relayed
  • Relationships with your clients are built and fostered

Return personal or business calls on your behalf

  • All appointments are scheduled
  • Follow-up calls are promptly made
  • Book a car service to and from the airport
  • Find and purchase supplies, gifts and more!

Call forwarding and screening

  • Calls are routed to different numbers, voicemails, or extensions based on what you prefer
  • Know who’s on the line before calls are transferred to you


  • Detailed messages are taken down and are sent via email or voicemail

Appointment reminders

  • Our Gabbonistas can call you and your clients and provide reminders on upcoming appointments


  • Our Gabbonistas can initiate a conference bridge on your behalf. Collaborate with as many people needed on a single call!

Customized call greetings

  • Let us know exactly how our Gabbonista should greet your callers. We can also customize a greeting on your behalf!

Play your favorite hold music

  • Feel free to upload your favorite hold music, or just tell us what you want us to play and we’ll make it happen!

Our phone quality just rocks!

  • Gabbyville uses T1 phone lines over VoIP to deliver the highest quality call quality available today

Sound Like a Fortune 500 Company!

  • Sound like the successful company that you are with our Gabbonistas’ professional and capable demeanor, partnered with our noise-cancellation technology

Update your status

  • Let Your Gabbonista know if you are in a meeting, at home, or relaxing away. Calls will be promptly forwarded to the number(s) you provide

Be mobile

  • Take calls wherever you are in the world! Never miss out on a potential hot lead

Online scheduling

  • We’ll schedule all your appointments and update your calendars!

Just Say NO to voicemail! Let your callers speak to our amazing Gabbonistas — not a machine!

In-house Vs Our House

How a Virtual Receptionist — a Gabbonista — can improve your business!

In-house Vs Our House

Not every small- & medium-sized business can afford an in-house receptionist. With Gabbyville, you can enjoy all the benefits a professional receptionist provides for a fraction of the cost!

Virtual Receptionist's Infographic

Costs of hiring an in-house receptionist

Cost %
Healthcare: $5,722
Pension: $1,572
Time Off: $4,470
Base Salary: $33,787
Disability: $342
401k: $1,231
Security: $2,615
Bonuses: $394
Total = $50,132 100%

Other Headaches sign

  • Reception budget of $4K per month
  • Underutilized for the most part
  • Lunch breaks
  • Sick days
  • Management headaches
  • High employee turnover rate


No Contracts



our most popular plan


Professional, Personal

Handles all tasks an in-house receptionist could handle and more…

Significant Cost Savings

No Lunch Breaks

No Debbie Downers

No Sick Days

No Headaches

Peace of mind knowing your calls are answered with Empathy + Smile

How unanswered phone calls only hurt your business?

30% of customers will not leave a message

No business can afford not having access to more than a third of their customers. The magic pill to resolve all these issues is to hire a Gabbyville Gabbonista!

62% of callers will not call back if
they hear a busy tone

79% say that they won’t
call back if calls go

33% of people placed on hold
are become impatient
and annoyed with an

70% of companies ignore
customer complaints on
Twitter and Facebook

50% average in-house
receptionists miss business calls

Reap the benefits of calls being answered
by a live Gabbonista!

92% say call experience matters

89% First to respond wins

61% Google searches

result in a phone call

What does this mean for

61% of businesses rate
their inbound live calls as
“excellent leads”


more likely to convert than
inbound web leads.

If you have inbound phone
calls that convert
30%, 40%, or 50% of the time,
wouldn’t you want to
generate more leads
of that type? Of course you would!

Live phone conversion rates are higher. It’s just that simple.

We treat every call as an opportunity to connect!

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