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The Benefits of Gabbyville’s Live Virtual Receptionists


Gabbyville is an award-winning provider of friendly, peppy and efficient live bilingual virtual receptionists answering services
that will keep your business running like a well-oiled machine – at a fraction of the cost.
Take a look at what makes Gabbyville’s virtual receptionist services great.

Unlimited Live Call Answering

Calls are always answered by a friendly, accommodating voice. Unlimited talk time per call call.

Call Routing

Calls are routed to designated numbers, voicemails or extensions.

Outbound Calling

Return personal or business calls
on your behalf.

Accurate Message Taking

Detailed messages are taken down and are sent via email or voicemail.

Scheduling Appointments

Your Live Receptionists team can schedule appointments on any web based calendar system

Top Phone Call Quality

Gabbyville uses T1 phone lines over VoIP to deliver the highest call quality available today.


Our Gabbonistas can initiate a conference call on your behalf. Collaborate with as many people needed on a single call!

Sound Like a Fortune 500 Company

Bilingual Receptionists answer calls in a professional and capable demeanor, thanks to our noise-cancelling technology.

Be Mobile-Friendly

Take calls wherever you are in the world! Never miss out on a potential lead again.

Personalized Greetings

Tell our virtual receptionists how to greet callers, or select a pre-recorded greeting.

Hold Music That Doesn't Suck

Upload your favorite hold music, or just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!

Real-Time Status Updates

Let your virtual receptionist know if you’re in a meeting, at home, or relaxing away. Calls will be promptly forwarded accordingly.

Coverage Time

14 hours of cheerful, professional virtual assistant services – Monday through Friday, 8am to 10pm EST (5am to 7pm PST).

Block Spam & Robocalls (At No Extra Charge)

You are only billed for phone calls that are relevant to you and your business. Spam calls are not billed against your monthly pool of minutes, saving you money and eliminating headaches!

Send Your Virtual Receptionist Daily Updates

Give directions and update your receptionist team of your daily service requests and important instructions via phone call, text or email! Interact with your Gabbonistas on your preferred means of communication!

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Our peppy and professional virtual receptionist – our Gabbonistas – will:

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How Our Virtual Receptionist Services Work?

Virtual Assistant Services & Receptionist Solutions | Gabbyville

Greet and screen callers

Collect important call details

Relay and transfer messages


“What I like about them is that they understand how businesses work. So when I ask them to make a change, they are able to implement it right away. I’m able to say that they’re pretty damn awesome!”

Christine Ann Iglesias

CEO C Sharp Video Productions

“The last couple of years, Ethode has experiencing tremendous growth. We have trouble answering phones, taking messages and scheduling meetings. Gabbyville has exceeded our expectations and has become a crucial part in how we do business. We would highly recommend Gabbyville to any company that’s struggling in handling phone calls and taking care of their customers the right way.”

Joshua Holmes

CEO of

“Overall I highly recommend Gabbyville. If you’re a business looking for that extra phone support, Gabbyville should be the first place to look. From how satisfied my clients are, to the positive reviews they leave about my company’s “receptionists”, Gabbyville has helped my business greatly! Thank you Gabbyville for getting me to where I am today with my business!”

Jotham King


“It’s been a joy to work with the Gabbyville team! It’s also a luxury for a small business owner and sole provider of professional services like me to be able to leverage technology in this manner. With the assistance of my Gabbonistas, I am able to reach and serve a larger audience. The team’s response time is, hands down, unbelievably quick and the delivery is exceptional — their service goes beyond my day-to-day needs! They are able to anticipate my next step and deliver ahead of schedule. They go beyond my expectations!”

T.W. Family Law Attorney

Smyrna, GA

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Gabbyville. From the customer support staff to the virtual receptionists, Gabby makes my boutique law firm sound huge! My clients appreciate their kind tone and their considerate demeanor (and so do I). The most valuable benefit for me is the ability to decline calls without sending my clients to a computerized voicemail. Thank you Gabbyville!”

Katrice M. Matthews

Law Firm

“Gabbyville has helped me expand my business in a manner that would have been impossible by myself. We’ve increased our revenue almost 2 times in the past 6 months, growing it into a 6-figure business! While I maintained a full-time job, I can probably count the number of times I had to personally call customers on just one hand. By using Gabbyville, I’m able to focus my limited time on running the business and working on marketing. Gabbyville’s receptionists have my complete trust, and they can probably convert leads into clients better than I can. Thank you Gabbyville for getting me to where I am today with my business!”

Cesar Rodriguez

Just Maid 4 You

“We’ve been clients of Gabbyville for a little over two years, and in that time, we’ve had an amazing experience in terms of the customer service — just how the representatives of Gabbyville deal with our clients. With Gabbyville, they compliment our support staff, and if we are unable to attend to a call, our Gabbyville receptionists will pick it up seamlessly. So our clients really can’t tell the difference between our in-house staff and Gabbyville. And in many instances, our Gabbyville receptionists have answered questions for clients, provided information, given pricing as well as forwarded e-mails, etc., so they really do go above and beyond.”

Daniel Yaniv

Owner, Yaniv and Associates

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