Gabbyville Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple! Choose a plan that best suits your business, follow our call forwarding instructions and our Live Gabbonistas will answer your business phone calls from 8am to 10pm EST Monday-Friday! Our free trial is 7 days or 20 calls; whichever comes first. No payment required up front to use the free trial. We do require a 30 day notice to cancel/suspend services. Please refer to our terms and conditions HERE.

Yes, definitely! You can choose to forward your existing phone number or even get a new toll-free number for your business through our service! Forwarding your existing phone number is easy! Just follow our call forwarding manual and you’re good to go. call forwarding instructions
Gabbyville provides unlimited talk time per call between caller and Receptionist! So if our Gabbonistas wraps up a call in 35 seconds or 35 minutes, you are only billed for 1 call — no more, no less. We don’t round calls up to the next minute, unlike some of our competitors do. We can also accomodate per minute and custom plans to fit your budget. We play nice!

You can choose to communicate with your very own Gabbonista team via phone calls, text messages, or email correspondences. Your preference is always king!

For our clients (or our tenants — as we like to call them) who have Premium and Executive plans, they get a team of around 4 to 5 dedicated virtual receptionists or Gabbonistas who will answer all calls and build rapport with their clients. Meanwhile, our Starter and Basic plans connect our tenants’ callers to the next available friendly and professional Gabbonista!

We definitely can! Our Gabbonistas are trained to handle our clients’ scheduling needs using different scheduling software and systems, such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Timetrade, among many others, to schedule clients as they call in for appointments and bookings. Our Gabbonistas can also remind you of your important appointments and meetings so you won’t miss any of them!

Absolutely! Detail call log reports are available through your tenant dashboard. You can also check current usage and much more!.

We are currently developing our Gabbyville mobile app for both android and ios, which should be ready for our amazing clients soon!

Awesome question. Aside from the fact that we bill on a per call basis vs. per minute (see question no. 3 if you’ve missed it!), we offer a slew of other helpful services for a much lower price compared to our competitors, such as a dedicated virtual receptionist team feature, voicemail transcription, usage alerts, even the accommodation of our clients’ personal requests, and so much more!

Not at all! Regardless if your Gabbonistas are receiving or making calls for your business, all of these are deducted from the same pool of calls per plan! No additional fees for outbound calls, guaranteed!

Yes! In fact, we can display any phone number as your caller ID when placing an outbound call through our service! This is especially helpful as this enables your customers and clients to feel that all calls are originating from your office’s walls!

Definitely! Your Gabbonista can ask your callers a list of questions that you and your business requires. The intake form is filled out during the initial account setup stage, and can be easily edited on the tenant dashboard.

Absolutely not! You are only billed for phone calls that are relevant to you and your business. Spam calls are not billed against your monthly pool of minutes, saving you money and eliminating headaches!

Yes! Your Gabbyville Receptionists are more than capable to manage your online calendar. We will need to review scheduling guidelines to make sure both you and your Gabbyville Receptionists are on the same page!
YES. Unused calls from your current billing cycle will be rolled over up to 30 days and then reset. For example if 50/100 calls were used from billing cycle Jan1st – Feb1st then we will rollover the unused 50 calls on your Feb 1st – March 1st billing cycle. This cycle will now have 150 phone calls but will reset back to 100 calls on April 1st.

Few More Questions

While all our amazing virtual receptionists deliver quality service from different states in the US, Gabbyville’s headquarters is located in Nashville, TN!

We use T1 phone lines — not VoIP, a more reliable line which delivers significantly higher call quality compared to regular home or office modems.


Definitely! If you don’t see a plan that best reflects what your business needs on our pricing page, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll create a custom plan for you!

We sure do! Bilingual Service is included under all of our plans! We can setup a few different ways for callers to connect with one of our Bilingual Receptionists. We can add this feature once the account has been provisioned.We can also setup an additional phone number for Spanish callers only or setup an upfront recording at the beginning of “Por Espanol, Marque Dos”.
Great question! Our Gabbyville Receptionists are dedicated to understand your core products/services however we are limited to the amount that can be trained for everyone. We will make sure to completely understand your call handling & scheduling requirements. To understand more about your call handling / scheduling requirements, click here to speak with one of our client specialists:



Our Gabbonistas will cheerfully
and professionally answer your
clients’ calls from:
Monday to Friday
8am – 11pm EST (5am – 8pm PST)