Improve Your Life With These 25 Websites (Hint: No Social Media!)

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To improve your life, finding websites and apps (outside of social media) that help you stay on top of your goals and desires can be very helpful. Ready to get started? If so, here are 25 amazing services to get you going!

1. Udemy

Provides real-world skills through courses taught by real-life people.

2. Codeacademy

Have you wanted to learn code in your spare time? Codeacademy can help you unlock the ability to use HTML, CSS, PHP, and other popular code languages.

3. eHow

Learn how to perform simple skills using step-by-step processes on this amazing community-content site.

4. Wikihow

One of the more popular how-to community content sites, Wikihow is the Wikipedia for daily tasks as simple as taking your temperature, or opening a bottle of wine.

5. TED

Sometimes reading a full book is simply impossible with your work schedule. To stay on top of innovative ideas, important cultural icons, and more, TED has you covered.

6. Duolingo

Want to learn languages in your down time with an award-winning platform? Do it absolutely free with Duolingo!

7. Digital Photography School

If you want to increase your photography knowledge, Digital Photography School is by far the most important photography blog you should be keeping up with.

8. Spreeder

Speed-reading is a difficult skill to gain. Thankfully, the geniuses at Spreeder have developed a site that makes it simple, fun, and engaging.

9. Investopedia

Don’t have time to keep up with finance gurus, but still want to invest in the stock market? Investopedia simplifies everything you need to know about the ever fluctuating market, allowing you to make smart investments quickly!

10. Zen Habits

For motivational material that will help you find simple moments of Zen in your hectic life, the Zen Habits blog has you covered.

11. edX

Unlock the ability to quickly learn from MOOC’s from top universities around the world with classes provided at edX.

12. Fast Company’s 30-Second MBA

Learn fast business lessons in 30-second spurts from the corporate executives at Fast Company’s 30-Second MBA.

13. Gibbon

Gibbon provides the ultimate playlist for learning, allowing you to build playlist of both videos and articles on any topic your heart desires.

14. Lifehacker

You can unlock tons of useful small skills that will help you function more effectively in life with Lifehacker.

15. Unplug The TV

Want to educate yourself with entertaining videos instead of wasting your time watching basic cable? Check out the videos listed on Unplug The TV.

16. Khan Academy

Do you want a way to view statistics involving your learning habits and progress? Then you’ll love the intuitive user-interface the Khan Academy website offers.

17. Instructables

With Instructables’ easy to understand how-to videos, you can learn how to plant a garden, play tennis, and much more.

18. Freerice

Freerice provides the opportunity to provide hungry people with food while expanding your vocabulary.

19. Powersearching with Google

Want to master your ability to Google with finesse? Powersearching with Google will teach you to be a search engine master.

20. Fitocracy

Fitocracy can help you develop fitness goals and workouts specified to your body type and fitness goals.

21. Daily Page

Have you wanted to increase how often you write? Use Daily Page to stay motivated and on track.

22. Eat This Much

To have a better diet, and control your portion amounts, Eat This Much can provide a great way to stay on top of your goals.

23. Sattva

Want to start meditating each day to increase your mental health? Use Sattva to get started!

24. Stand App

Science is constantly providing that standing is much healthier for our bodies than sitting. To increase the amount of time you spend standing every day, simply fire up the Stand App on your Mac or iOS device.

25. Highbrow

Sometimes it can be hard to determine what you want to learn about. Highbrow makes the decision for you, allowing you to learn about something new and useful every day.

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