What Goes Through the Minds of Innovative People?

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Thomas Edison, one of the greatest innovators, famously said that invention is 1 percent inspiration and 99 perspiration. Edison, like other innovators, had the ability to not only see a possible need but also to create a product or service that would meet the need. Innovative people can re-imagine an existing product to see its potential, and discover the solution to a future situation.

Innovators are visionaries and find their best ideas come after daydreaming, observing, and imagining. They deliberately set aside time to brainstorm, sketching out ideas and seeking new connections between these thoughts and ideas. Many write their notes down, carrying around pens and notebooks to record those thoughts, and looking at them from different perspectives. Allowing their minds to wander also helps them keep an open mind about the possibilities in their environments. This dedicated daydreaming leads to innovators working independently, planning their schedules around their peak productivity.

As Edison noted, invention requires perspiration – and innovators aren’t afraid to work. They enjoy creating new solutions, and thrive on the challenges of refining and enhancing their creation. Innovators leap boldly into their projects, having developed the ability to put aside the doubts and negativity associated with trying and failing. They understand that long-term success requires perseverance and resiliency. Rather than worrying about the opinions of other people, innovators remain fueled by their passion, training their brains to stay excited and optimistic about their opportunities.

Innovative people are great leaders, often thinking about the big picture and surrounding themselves with talented individuals who can catch the vision and contribute to its completion. While they tend to work alone, innovators collaborate well and seek out ways to generate thought-provoking conversations among team members. They fill gaps on their team by building various networks of people and resources. Many innovators appreciate services that will help with their efficiency and organization, such as hiring a virtual receptionist to answer phone calls and complete other office tasks.

Throughout history, innovative people have developed particular thought patterns and processes that are methodical and miraculous, with the ability to envision and execute a plan that will create something most people have never even imagined. They know their individual work styles and preferences, and where their passions lie. These traits have allowed incredible minds to develop advanced products.