Introduction to the Capabilities of a Virtual Receptionist

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Far from just answering and forwarding your calls, the role of the Virtual Receptionist has definitely expanded and has now came a long way in recent years.

Serving as your office assistant, it aims to help your business to be more efficient in handling clients. From receiving calls, appointing schedule, forwarding messages and setting-up multi-conference calls, these outsourced agents are always available, will not throw a fit to an irate customer, objective, and always answers with a smile. They aim to provide small to medium-sized business owners all the benefits of an on-site receptionist while also reducing cost and allowing them to stand at par with big corporations.

Although the role of these virtual receptionists can be traced during the expansion of Information Age, it can be argued that Apple’s SIRI technology contributed to the popularity of this technology. Serving as a personal secretary, the SIRI application assists you in tasks such as making a phone call. Many followed suit as expected. From Samsung’s S-Voice to Google’s Voice Search, the convenience a they provide is now used by a wide range of people.

Many companies still employ the use of in-house secretaries but technological developments along with its more affordable cost make many corporations use this innovation.

Their role has greatly expanded over the years. Ranging from simple tasks such as live phone answering, taking messages and appointment reminders, to more personalized tasks such as giving customized call greetings, multi-conferencing and playing your favourite “on-hold” music.

Huge advancements with regards to communication has greatly benefited the industry. Callers or clients may be led to believe that receptionist is really in your office!

The technology is also becoming more and more sophisticated. Making it personal like never before, these virtual secretaries can screen calls with regards to your status. Whether you’re available or busy attending other matters, your virtual staff will not only take a message, but it will also forward calls to your provided number.

Companies can have remarkable benefits from a receptionist who receives and screens its clients. By providing a cheerful but professional answer to its customers, a good impression can boost your company’s image and make you sound like a Fortune 500 Company.

It is indeed, a great time to be alive as virtual office receptionist services are now made more accessible. The future is now and we are at the threshold of a new era.

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