The 7 Common Denominators of Successful People

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Success isn’t just an abstract concept – it’s a realistic goal that many people can accomplish by adopting the correct mindset and lifestyle. Here are seven daily habits that you can learn from successful leaders:

1. They are fair.

Successful people treat everyone fairly, because they know that the connections they make with other people can end up paying off in the long term. Some of the best business partnerships are forged simply because one person did the other a good deed, and the person on the receiving end remembered the other person’s generosity years later when an important job or venture opportunity opened up.

2. They take care of themselves.

Successful people understand that taking care of themselves is crucial to maintaining their achievements, because your brain is at its best when your body is healthy. As a result, they exercise to help reduce stress, facilitate brain activity and maintain overall health. They eat right, drink lots of water and manage their stress with meditation exercises.

3. They don’t just work hard – they play hard.

Work may be important, but so is allowing time for relaxation and fun. To maintain their creativity and productivity, successful people work intensely but take breaks periodically to allows them to maximize their brainpower while resting their minds in their days off.

4. They are assertive.

People who are successful know what they want, and they know what they have to do to get it. This doesn’t mean that they are ruthless, or that they make decisions without thinking them through – on the contrary, they are fair and thoughtful. Instead, they set goals and work towards achieving those goals without second-guessing themselves.

5. They know when to let go.

Successful people recognize that certain things are outside of their ability to change, and dwelling on them is not conducive to success; instead, they let go of their mistakes so that they can move forward.

6. They ask questions

Successful people don’t act like they know everything – instead, they ask questions that allow them to control conversations and therefore find out what they need to know faster and more efficiently.

7. They are organized.

Successful people keep track of everything they have to do and to prioritize to get it all done in a timely fashion. To that end, many hire a virtual receptionist to help manage incoming calls when they simply don’t have time to along with all of their other tasks.