How These 7 Successful CEOs Spend Plan Their Day

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Staying productive and scheduling the days ahead are two of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs. Thankfully, successful CEOs have tons to say about how they stay on top of daily tasks. Check out how these 7 CEOs plan their days, and keep their productivity high!

1. Evan Wiliams – CEO of Medium

The middle of the day is a time that I’m sure most readers can relate to as being a time when they burn out hard. To keep you going for the second half of the day, try to find a constructive time period of your midday to just chill out and think about your plans for the next day. That’s what Medium CEO, Evan Williams does to keep his day calm and constructive.

2. Leo Babauta – CEO of Zen Habits

I would imagine that you would see the CEO of Zen Habits as someone who knows a thing or two about organizing his activities into a useful and easy to follow structure. Babauta does this by waking up at 4:30 AM to both get menial tasks out of the way, and plan the events to come.

3. Jack Dorsey – CEO of Square

Jack Dorsey has made Square into a giant of finance companies by perfecting his daily routines. He does this by taking each separate day of the week to plan other specific days of the week. By doing this, he keeps each aspect of his workweek separate, and avoids feeling burned out or overwhelmed.

4. Tim Ferriss – CEO of BrainQUICKEN

Ferriss understands that while planning things down to the minute can be useful, life rarely works out the way you want it to. To help adjust his life for these unexpected events, Ferriss schedules in as few events as possible on his calendar, to cut down on unnecessary multi-tasking that hurts the productivity of each individual task.

5. Michael Bruch – CEO of Willow

IF you fail to keep up with daily advances in your industry, you will quickly become irrelevant. Bruch knows this, and suggests successful people spend at least two hours every day educating themselves about new industrial developments.

6. Kegan Schouwenburg – CEO of SOLS

To keep in touch with his costumers, employees, and families needs each day, Schouwenhurg puts an effort forth to be as accommodating and as open as possible. By scheduling around others needs, as opposed to his own, he finds his productivity rises.

7. Zach Supalla – CEO of Particle

Changing up the advice, Supalla actually suggests that your personal scheduling should be ever evolving. If you stay to stuck in your ways, he says, you will potentially miss out on a habit that will make you more productive.

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