3 Cognitive Biases That Affect the Way You Think

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As human beings, we often get caught up in certain biases that prevent us from doing our best and reaching our full potential. These cognitive biases affect the way we think, especially in business, and they cause us to view things from a narrow perspective. Here we will discuss some of those biases and how hiring a virtual assistant for your business can help you avoid making these mistakes.

Yes Men

We love people who agree with us, and we love to agree with them because they agree with us. We would much rather stick with people who seem to share our views rather than ones who challenge them. Unfortunately, because of this bias, we often ignore people who do not share our opinions on certain subjects or anyone who makes us feel like our interests might need another look. In other words, we like yes men.

However, yes men are not always good for business, and while they may feel the need to please, that need may supersede the responsibility to be honest. A virtual assistant will have no such problem. The advantage of having a virtual assistant is that no personal relationship is ever formed, so there is no need for one to soothe the other’s ego. A virtual assistant is much more likely to be honest about the direction of your company and what you need to do to help it grow.

Fear of Change

The, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” mentality is another one that often gets us into trouble. We are so fearful of change that we do whatever we can to keep things as close to what we are used to as possible. Instead of being excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, we get scared into thinking that change is a bad thing. In business, change is very necessary. Hiring a virtual assistant means hiring someone who is not afraid of change. Because virtual assistants have no emotional attachments, they are often able to come up with business solutions that are new and fresh ideas from the ones already being used.

Living in the Moment

This bias is especially detrimental to business owners. The inability to see past the current moment means the possibility of not drawing up a plan for the future. It means not setting goals. A virtual assistant can combat this bias with fresh ideas that set a clear path to the future. For example, if you are focused on making the most money for your business this year, it may not help you get ahead. A virtual assistant has the vision to help you see past the very immediate future and to help your business grow over the next five years.

Hiring a virtual assistant from gabbyville.com means more than just someone working for you from home. It means that you have a trusted employee who will do everything in their power to help you build on the success of your company.