Reduce Your Anxiety With These 3 Tools (Hint: #2 Will Shock You)

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Stress is an extremely prevalent issue within our society. The unfortunate truth is that so many of us have too much to do and not enough time to do it all; family, friends, careers, and personal lives all intersect to create a web of tasks to remember and appointments to keep. Keeping your body and mind at a constant state of stress is the biggest cause of anxiety, which can make you feel like the world is crumbling down around you, or like you simply have too much to handle and can’t do it all. Anxiety is debilitating. Fortunately, it can be fought using a few surprising tips:

1. Stay positive

It may seem obvious, but few people make this direct connection: the angrier you are, the more anxious you become. Although stress can lead to mood changes that include lashing out at those around you, try to focus on positive thoughts that allow you to maintain a calm center, leading to a more relaxed and positive outlook.

2. Make time for your seven seconds in heaven

One of the most surprising ways to reduce anxiety? Kiss more often. A recent study conducted by Northwestern University found that people who kiss frequently, in the spur of the moment and without any pre-planned pressure to do so, are eight times less likely to develop stress and anxiety than those who don’t. Kissing creates a feeling of connectedness, which releases anti-depressant chemicals called endorphins in your brain, leading to reduced anxiety even in situations of stress.

3. Consider a virtual receptionist

Sometimes, no matter what kinds of stress exercises you undertake or how much meditation you do, there’s just no getting around it: you have too much work. Too many things to remember, and not enough time to remember them in, can leave you feeling like you are not in control of your life, leading to intense feelings of anxiety. However, one way you can counteract this is by hiring a virtual receptionist to help you with business-related tasks so that you can feel less overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do.

A virtual receptionist can make calls, take messages, remind you of appointments you have, and just generally take care of all the little things that make you feel stressed out on a daily basis. Best of all, virtual receptionists can help your business by providing your customers with a real voice to talk to, rather than a voicemail (because you have too many things to do to answer phone calls yourself). Learn more about virtual receptionists today!