A Virtual Receptionist Can Help Take Your Event Planning Business to the Next Level

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Let’s take a minute to think about what an event planner does. To the common person with know knowledge of the job, it might seem like an event planner comes up with a neat idea for a party or gathering and then just runs a credit card a lot at different stores. This, however, could not be further from the truth. An event planner does come up with amazing ideas for events, but they also put these plans and ideas into action. This means contacting a number of people (from the caterer, to the musicians, to the florist, and so on), coordinating with them so that everyone is on the same schedule, keeping in touch with the client to ensure everything is going according to plan, and, last but not least, making sure the event goes off without a hitch.

When you lay it all out, it sounds exhausting, and without any help, it probably is. Fortunately, the new advances in technology and business have created a resource that every event planner should be using to make their business more successful. That resource is a virtual receptionist.

If you are an event planner, you might be scratching your head right about now. “Why do I need to hire someone to answer the phone for me? Why can’t I just use my cell phone?” you might be asking. That’s a perfectly good question, and if the only thing a virtual receptionist did was answer the phone, then you would be right. In actuality, though, a virtual receptionist does so much more.

Remember that bit about contacting all of the various people and services needed for an event? That’s something your virtual receptionist could do. Virtual receptionists are trained to do the work and make the calls the way you want them to. Do you need someone to call through your contact list of bands to see which is available to work on a certain date and perform a jazz set? That’s a task to take off your plate because the virtual receptionist can handle it. Maybe you want a list of the caterers in the area that can serve a full meal under a certain price limit. That’s also something your virtual receptionist can do for you. Plus, it gets even better. When those people and services inevitably start calling you back and asking for confirmation of time, payment, and other inane details, your virtual receptionist can take their calls and provide them with all the information they need. That way, you will not be bogged down by those annoying calls and be able to focus on the important parts of your job. Furthermore, if there is something that needs your approval or inspection, the virtual receptionist can have the call forwarded to you. Or, if you decide a call is something you personally want to handle, then you can take on that part of the job yourself. You will be able to make these decisions because you will have a lot more time to do what you want than you did before.

A virtual receptionist does more than that too. One important part of an event planner’s job is making sure everything and everyone is where it needs to be and is there when it is supposed to be there. This is where the planning and scheduling functions of the virtual receptionist service really comes in handy. As the virtual receptionist is taking calls and helping you coordinate the event, they will also be taking note of times and dates that you need to remember. Because they are entirely digital, they can even have reminders sent to your phone or email to make sure you are where you need to be when you need to be there.

And don’t worry about whether you’re going to have some kind of heartless robot as your virtual receptionist. The virtual receptionists, especially at places like Gabbyville, are real people dedicated to providing the best level of customer care that they can. It is their mission to make sure every caller that they speak with can hear their smile through the phone. If you get a virtual receptionist, then you will understand. You’ll be smiling too.