Use Your Phone to Make Small Businesses Seem Big

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So you have a small business, but you want to appear professional. You no longer want to be seen as the corner store or mom and pop enterprise. Instead, you want to be taken seriously and viewed as a professional organization with goals and aspirations. If this describes your situation, your best tool for making your small business appear big could be your telephone.

This might sound crazy, but there is a lot of logical truth to it. Think about the last time you called a large corporate business or company. Chances are you did not think about the owner personally answering the phone, and there’s certainly no chance that the phone was not answered or went to a machine. That’s because large businesses use receptionists to handle their phone calls. This one small trick can really make a huge difference in whether or not your business is perceived as a small shop or a serious enterprise. It’s not just the perception either. A receptionist really is a good move to making your business more professional. Along with answering calls, a receptionist helps to organize your business and make it more efficient. Furthermore, a receptionist allows you to work on more important matters and not worry about trivial matters like answering the telephone for routine calls and questions.

This probably all sounds great, but you may be shaking your head because you can already think of one reason this will not work for your business – cost. It’s true, a receptionist can be expensive, and it can be especially taxing on a small business that could spend its money in other ways to appear more professional. Fortunately, however, there is a way to cash in on the benefits of a receptionist without having to worry about the cost. Virtual receptionist services, such as Gabbyville, offer all of the benefits of an in house receptionist at a significantly reduced price. These services mean your phone will always be answered by a responsible, knowledgeable, and cheerful person that is dedicated to serving your customers and improving your business. Furthermore, the virtual receptionists can even do things like call forwarding, email you voicemails and faxes, and much more. This kind of service might even afford you the time to take that vacation you have always wanted because you couldn’t afford to leave the business alone. With a virtual receptionist service, you can have all important calls and matters forwarded to you and ignore any unnecessary ones.

This probably causes some alarm for a small business owner too. After all, you probably built your small business up from the ground through personal connections and valuing your customers and clients. Those customers and clients are likely members of your community and expect a personal experience from your business. Luckily, this is all still handled by the virtual receptionist services. The virtual receptionists go to great lengths to learn about you, your business, and your clients. It is their goal that your clients feel just as welcomed by them as they were when you answered the phone. They may not even know that the receptionist is not in house. That’s how good these services can be!

So if you are thinking about ways to make your small business seem bigger and act bigger, look at how many ways a virtual receptionist could help this. You will give the perception of being more professional. You will also be more professional thanks to the organization and efficiency provided by a receptionist. You will be able to focus on other tasks besides answering the phone and responding to routine questions and concerns. You will be able to take vacations and be more connected through digital services. Plus, you will be able to do all of this at a significantly lower cost than if you were to hire an in house receptionist to do all of this work. That means you might even have extra money to make your business seem bigger in other ways too.

All of these benefits from something as small as your telephone!

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