Is Your Receptionist Luring Away Your Customers?

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Tasked with welcoming your clients and building your company’s image, a receptionist’s job is never easy because of the complexities that are involved in his/her job. As an owner, you need to make sure that you hire someone who possesses the essential traits to perform certain duties with utmost professionalism. Therefore, you need to ask yourself if he/she will lure in potential clients or do the exact opposite.

For reference with regards to the said matter, you can check the Internet since it is full of receptionist horror stories. By going online, you can find countless stories where a customer was turned-off because a receptionist mishandled his/her call. The good news is: these situations are avoidable.

Avoiding such predicament is essential because one employee can make all the difference when signing up a big client or otherwise. Therefore, it would be best to hire a professional who is attentive, patient, and competent because these traits can help you build a great first impression that can increase your chances of landing that “jackpot” client.

Failure to address the above-mentioned prerequisites can wreak havoc to your company because the wrong receptionist can hurt business branding and image. In fact, your company may experience a long and slow demise or a short and fast downfall due to the hiring of unfriendly and incompetent staff.

So, always make sure that your receptionist is well-informed and up to date when it comes to the developments in your company since nothing is more upsetting to a customer than an employee who does not know anything about the business entity he/she works for. Simply put, an employee who cannot even answer a query or work on a request is a major turn-off.

If you want your business to build a favorable and lasting impression, train your receptionist in customer handling because some tend to be apathetic when interacting with clients and potential partners.

In case the mentioned precautionary measures don’t work, consider hiring a virtual receptionist instead of an in-house one. Such move is ideal because you can be sure that you’ll employ a professional who is always ready to take calls and maintain high standards along the way.

A live virtual receptionist who is an expert in voice answering services is a worthwhile choice because you can rest assured that your calls are handled with utmost expertise at any time of the day. In time, this can help your company develop a first impression that lasts.

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