How Virtual Receptionists Handle Irate Customers

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One way or another, we all have encountered customers that are hard to handle. Clients, especially the angry ones make some transactions a little complicated than the usual.

Of course, handling them is also just as hard, so a lot of you are looking for answers on how to handle irate customers. However, encountering an angry one can also be a learning experience.

Whether you are a customer service representative, a virtual office assistant or an on-site receptionist that are handling these kinds of clients, here’s some easy-to-follow tips on how to handle them.

  • Listen – As they say, you have to learn how to listen. Let the customer say all their grievances, concerns and questions. As they talk, assure them that you are listening by giving them an appropriate response. It’s important to let them say their concerns as it also gives them the chance to calm down.
  • Be Professional – Maintain your professionalism. All through-out the call, your number one weapon against an angry client is to be professional. Business answering services just calmly responds to customers when they start spewing offensive words.
  • Let Them Give Their Opinion – Give them the benefit of laying it all out. Not just their grievances, but also their opinions regarding their concern. Let them express what they think without giving judgment.
  • Use Words That Offer Solution – Words such as, “I can do it sir”, “Definitely” or “Sure” can give a big impact on your caller. It shows them that you are willing to do anything possible to help them resolve their issues.
  • Contain The Problem – As much as possible, make it a point to remedy the issue just by you. Although there are times that your superior needs to be involved, fixing the problem by yourself will show that you can handle the pressure.
  • Deliver An Apology With Grace – It does not matter if the customer’s complaint is valid or not. The key to making your customer stay in your service is through a sincere, well-thought and graceful apology. Besides an apology, also offer a promise that by next time, your company will get it right.
  • Show Some Sympathy and Empathy – More than just listening to their plight, you also have to show the customer that you understand what they feel. Also show the customer that you can feel what they are going through.
  • Solve The Problem – Lastly and most importantly, nothing calms an irate customer than solving their problem. It’s the main reason why they called so attending their concern surely trumps whatever anger they have felt.

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