Virtual Receptionists Versus Traditional Receptionists

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So we are here to break this down for you. But before we do, do you even know what a virtual receptionist is? You will get a better sense of the answer to that question as we highlight the numerous benefits a virtual receptionist has over a traditional one, but let’s give you some basic information. Simply put, a virtual receptionist like a traditional receptionist. They complete the same tasks of answering calls, organizing schedules and so forth. The main difference being the virtual part. A virtual receptionist is not present in the workplace, and instead operates digitally. We will get to why that’s such a good thing in just a second, but it’s also important to note something else. Most virtual receptionist services, at least at Gabbyville, have a team of virtual receptionists helping any one business as opposed to just the one traditional receptionist.

So that’s the basic idea of what a virtual receptionist is. You probably have some ideas in your head about why one is better than the other or vice-versa, but here’s some information that you might not have thought about. A traditional receptionist is almost a relic of the past. So many businesses these days do not even have a physical workplace. That means that a company that wants a traditional receptionist would have to actually buy or rent a physical space just to house the traditional receptionist. Most of the time, too, a traditional receptionist is just working on their own. It might not seem like a big deal. How many people do you need to answer the phone, right? But a receptionist is actually doing a lot more than just that. Multiple calls might be coming in at any one time, conference calls might need to be set up, their might be orders or other calls that need to be made, and schedules and reminders need sending out. It is actually a lot of work for just one person. Furthermore, a traditional receptionist is not even always there. Traditional receptionists go on vacations and leave businesses high and dry. They also call in sick, take lunch breaks, and quit their job without giving so much as a notice. For any business that even slightly relies on calls for possible orders, or any company that has common to expect a certain amount of help from their traditional receptionist, these kind of things can be a real blow to productivity. Finally, a traditional receptionist is a full-time employee. That means that they will require a full salary, of course, but they will also expect benefits and other packages. This can add up on a small business that is just looking for a way to boost their efficiency.

Okay, but what makes a virtual receptionist better? Well to fix some of the obvious concerns that came up when talking about traditional receptionists, a virtual receptionist does not require a physical space. That means a business can operate entirely online or from home if wanted. Furthermore, you never have to worry about the phone being unattended or being without your virtual receptionist. Because a team of people is working for your business, there will always be someone manning the station during work hours. You never have to worry about hiring a new person that is incompetent either because these teams of virtual receptionists are trained professionals ready to do what they can to make your business work the best that it can. Finally, the cost is less. You do not have to pay a full salary, you do not have to worry about benefits, and you do not have to worry about any other costly packages either. Virtual receptionist services like Gabbyville are handled with affordable subscription services that any business can fit into their budget.

There are other benefits of a virtual receptionist, too, that traditional receptionists simply cannot even compare with. Because virtual receptionists are operating digitally, they are more tech savvy and can help you with a lot of technical aspects of your office. For example, they can set up conference calls for you or even international video conferencing. They can also record messages and calls for you and have these messages delivered to you. The mode of communication is even in your hands. You can have it faxed to you as a physical note, but you can also have them emailed or even texted to you. This means that you can have important work information sent to you even if you are away on a beach somewhere and out of the office. With virtual receptionists you are not only getting rid of the many problems of traditional receptionists, but you are entering a whole new world of benefits that you would not have even dreamed your business could have.