A Real Estate Agent Can Set Themselves Apart With A Virtual Receptionist

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A real estate agent can be a really great job. Depending on where or how you work you might be able to set your own hours. You might be working from home and your own boss. Not to mention, you get to see the insides of lots of different houses and see where other people live. All joking aside, there are lots of downsides to working as a real estate agent too. You probably get a lot of phone calls of people wanting to list their home with you or looking for help buying a home. You are moving around constantly as you go from house to house and meeting to meeting. It can definitely get tiring.

A receptionist would be a great way to get a lot of those stresses off of your back. You would not have to worry about missing calls from potential clients when you were trying to make a sale. You would not be so tied to your phone, and you would be more scheduled. This would help you get to all the showings you and meetings you need to get to and never worry about being late or forgetting anything. Unfortunately, receptionists are not cheap. For a profession that is largely dependent on home many sales you make in a single month, it can be very difficult to hire someone on a full salary. Plus, you would have to give the receptionist benefits, vacation, and so much more that would really eat up an extra profits you would make from having a receptionist in the first place. While all of that is true, it does not even consider the extra cost of buying or renting a space for your receptionist to work from. This is a huge expense that you might not have considered if you are working from home and thinking about hiring a receptionist.

Don’t misunderstand, we think you should hire a receptionist, but let us tell you about a different option that you might not be familiar with. It’s called a virtual receptionist, and it’s so much more than it sounds. Unlike a traditional receptionist, a virtual one does not need a physical space because they work out of their company’s home base. They do not need a full salary from you because you are paying for a subscription. This also means you do not have to worry about providing benefits at all. Overall, this will save a ton of money.

And that lower price does not get you any lower quality. In fact, especially with virtual receptionist services like Gabbyville, you are getting even better service than you would with a traditional receptionist. At Gabbyville, for example, their goal is to make sure that every caller can hear the receptionist’s smile through the phone. That is to say that your callers will always feel welcomed and listened to. Virtual receptionists are dedicated to making sure that their customer care is as valuable as you want it to be. You can work closely with them to ensure that they have all the information they need to cooperate with all of your potential callers. Plus, they will never be away from the phone during work hours. That’s how dedicated they are to you. A traditional receptionist might be away on vacation, sick, taking leave, or any number of other things. A virtual receptionist service will make sure you have a team of professional receptionists ready to answer your calls at any time. Since the whole team is working for you, there will always be someone there to answer that call.

Plus, a virtual receptionist has other special qualities that a traditional receptionist does not that can allow you the chance to get away. Maybe you’ve had your eye on that vacation to the beach, but you have been too worried to step away in case you miss a possible business opportunity. A virtual receptionist will answer your calls even while you are gone. Any important business that comes through can be sent to you via text, email, voice message, or any other method you prefer. That way you can treat yourself with that relaxation time. After all, you deserve it. You made the great decision to hire a virtual receptionist!