Are You A Tech Startup? You Need A Virtual Receptionist

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Starting your own technology company is a lot of work. If you are starting from the ground up, then there is a lot to do and a lot to keep organized. You will probably be fielding a lot of calls and trying to get investors, make money, and sell your brand. You will also want to distinguish yourself from competitors. In all honesty, there are a lot of tech companies trying to get off the ground right now, and it can be hard to stand out amongst all of the others that are flooding the market. How do you set yourself apart, stay organized, keep in touch with clients, investors, and other and seem professional while doing it? It might seem like it is impossible, but keep to it, and you will be bound to make it. One thing that can help you ensure you make it, though, is a virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist is almost as trendy as having a tech startup. Just like the name sounds, a virtual receptionist works much the same as a traditional receptionist, but it operates entirely digitally. This is a great benefit for a tech startup. Everyone will have a receptionist, but a virtual receptionist that works digitally makes sure that your clients and potential investors see that you understand the tech market and know where the next big thing is. A virtual receptionist might seem like a scary idea though. How will they give that personal, positive interaction that an in house receptionist would bring? At least with services like Gabbyville, virtual receptionist are dedicated to offering the same customer service that a traditional receptionist would offer. At Gabbyville, for example, their goal is to make sure the caller can hear their smile through the phone. They will make sure to work closely with you to provide a personal, courteous, and welcoming demeanor to your callers.

“But an old fashioned receptionist would help me get organized with everything I have to do,” you might be saying to yourself. Luckily, a virtual receptionist can do this too and even better. A virtual receptionist will help keep you organized, on time, and they will do so entirely through calls, messages, and emails. They will help you keep a calendar with your appointments on it. They will then use this to send you text messages, phone calls, or email reminders to make sure you are where you need to be and when you need to be. They will also send any files, documents, voice messages, and anything else to you in any format you need. If you want a voice message sent to you, then they will have an email waiting in your inbox. They can also have pertinent documents faxed to you and texted to you if you prefer. With a virtual receptionist, then, the goal really is to have things functioning the way you want them to.

Perhaps the most important feature of a virtual receptionist for a tech startup is the cost. Surprisingly, the cost is lower with a virtual receptionist than it would be with an old fashioned receptionist. “How can that be with all of these services they offer?” you are asking yourself. Well, if you think about it, then it makes a lot of sense. A virtual receptionist does not require a full salary or benefits of any sort. Instead you are simply paying for the subscription to the service itself. This alone will already be substantially less than hiring a traditional receptionist, but there is more too. A virtual receptionist means that you do not have to rent or buy a physical space where the receptionist can work from. This will be a huge cost benefit for you and your business if you are still in the very early stages of your startup. Finally, a virtual receptionist will always be present. A traditional receptionist will need to go on vacation. They will also take sick days, lunch breaks, leave early sometimes, and they might even leave the job entirely. This would leave you high and dry for those periods of time when you do not have anyone answering the phone, and it can be a huge mistake for a startup to miss a call when it is just starting out. A virtual receptionist will be there throughout all of work hours and, along with everything else, will make sure you don’t miss that call with the million dollar offer to invest in your company.