How A Virtual Receptionist Can Make Your Cleaning Service Job Even Easier

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When it comes to cleaning services, what is the most important part of the job? The actual cleaning job, right? Exactly. It definitely is not the booking of clients, scheduling and making appointments, or keeping all of those things organized. Those are all very important if you want your business to be successful, but they are definitely secondary to the cleaning itself. Why not give those parts of the job over to someone else then? A virtual receptionist can do all of those things for you and more, and it will help make your job a whole lot easier.

When a potential client is looking for a cleaning service, they are probably going to search for possibilities and then make some calls. Imagine the impression it would make on a potential client if a receptionist answered the phone. Chances are they would see that your business was professional and organized, and that would make them more likely to hire you. As an added bonus, having a receptionist take the calls and give the clients all of the pertinent information and scheduling means that you do not have to stop whatever work you were doing just to take a call from the client. If you have more time to do your work, and if your work is not interrupted as often by constant calls, then it means you will get done faster and have more time for more orders. This, of course, means extra income, and that is always a good sign.

But with all of these new clients calling in and with all the extra jobs you’re taking, you are going to have a hard time keeping all of that organized. Actually, you wont have to worry about that either. Your virtual receptionist will take care of all of your scheduling needs and make sure you are aware of when your next job is. You can even work with your receptionist so that they will send you text or email updates when your next job is coming up. Never again will you have to worry about missing an appointment or showing up to a job late because now you will have a virtual receptionist to always make sure you are where you need to be when you need to be there.

Hold up a second though. All of these benefits sound great, but they must be awfully expensive. Only the big corporate cleaning services can afford receptionists. Actually, that’s not true. It is true that a traditional receptionist can cost a lot of money. They are actual employees that require salaries, benefits, vacation time, and so many other added expenses. A virtual receptionist, though, costs just a fraction of that. Because you are working with a virtual receptionist service, you are paying a monthly subscription instead of an entire salary for another person. That means big savings for you. Plus, a virtual receptionist has lots of other benefits over traditional receptionists too. For example, a traditional receptionist will have to be away from the phone sometimes. They might take a lunch break, go on vacation, or quit unexpectedly and leave you with lots of missed calls and potential jobs that were lost. If there is one thing you do not want, it is to have a receptionist and then find yourself scrambling to find a replacement as all the receptionist’s old work falls back on you. You never have to worry about that with a virtual receptionist. A virtual receptionist is always working during business hours, and since there is a whole team of people dedicated to making sure that your cleaning service is the best it can be, there will never be an instance when you are without someone to answer the call of a potential client. And all of this does not even begin to scratch the surface of all the benefits a virtual receptionist offers in terms of digital connectedness, personalization, and so much more.

Do you see all of the benefits of a virtual receptionist now? There are even more that we haven’t listed here, and a virtual receptionist could really help any cleaning service looking to expand its business and become more professional.