Returning Voicemails Can Change Your Business

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In our technological age, we still rely on our phones to do business. When we are not available to speak with someone on the phone, most people leave a voicemail message in the hope that it will be returned.

Although many voicemail messages often go ignored, that can be a problem. It is simply good business to return every voicemail you receive. If you do not believe that statement, keep reading to learn how answering a voicemail can change your business.

It shows you care

Too often voicemails are not returned. Even though the reasons for it are often legitimate, people feel slighted when their calls to a business are not returned. Potential and current clients can take a non-response to a voicemail to mean that the business is too busy to care about their needs and therefore will not continue to forge a working relationship with your company. However, making the effort to return a phone call can have a positive effect. If the returned phone call wins over a new customer or retains an old one, it was worth the while.

It might be something you need

Often calls come in from someone other than customers. Sometimes the calls are from salespeople who are looking to further their business. Since your business relies on the phone to function, then you know others do as well. If the person on the other end of the line is offering a product or service that can help you run your business more efficiently, it is worth returning the phone call to investigate the situation further.

You can change the entire tenor of your business simply by returning your voicemail messages. Although returning your phone messages takes extra time out of your busy work day, it is well worth the effort. When you return your voicemail messages, it shows that you are a conscientious and professional business owner with whom it is worth doing business.

If you do not have time to return your voicemail messages within 24 hours, you should consider hiring a virtual receptionist (VR) from Gabbyville. Your VR can return every voicemail you receive and take care of all of the associated issues as well. That leaves you with additional time to help build your business. Contact Gabbyville today and have your voicemail messages answered tomorrow.