The Top 4 Ways Your Telephone Can Be Your # 1 Business Resource

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Amidst these busy technological times when it seems that everything is being programmed or operated by some robotic voice or algorithm, it is easy to overlook the telephone as one the most important Business Resource. Yet, it’s hard to imagine any business, especially a small business, operating without it. In fact, for many businesses, the telephone is their top resource, and they aren’t even aware of it. This post, then, hopes to illustrate the four biggest ways that a small business can use a simple resource, like the telephone, to increase their business.

1. Personal Connection with Clients and Others

When you’re trying to run a business and you are worried about all the various aspects of a company, it can be easy to forget about the clients that really make the whole thing work. Making a personal connection with those clients that is built on mutual understanding, service, and dedication is important, and it is the primary way any business will continue operating. The telephone, then, should be greatly valued in any workplace. Every phone call to a client is a chance to sell your goods or pitch your service. By putting a good foot forward and establishing a positive rapport with the client, you are increasing the likelihood that they will return and want to do business with you. On the reverse side of this, a bad phone interaction can leave a sour taste in a client’s mouth and cause them to go elsewhere. Do not underestimate the value of the telephone in providing customer service.

2. The Low Cost of the Resource

Imagine having a customer service representative for your business that does excellent work at little to no expense to your business. Turns out, you already have one of those if you have a telephone. Along with being a great customer service tool, it can also be used for scheduling, organizing your company and its assets, and so much more. If you invest in a receptionist or a virtual receptionist service, the potential benefits of your telephone only increase, and the cost remains at a very low level considering all it provides. Furthermore, chances are your business is already paying for telephone services, so make sure that your business is getting everything out of it that you can.

3. Your Business Can Always Be Open (And You’ll Never Miss An Opportunity)

Getting business is, of course, very important, but it is almost equally as important to not lose potential business. If, for whatever reason, a potential client cannot reach you or get in contact with you, you are practically guaranteeing that they will not look into you further. Luckily, having a telephone means that you are just a few digits away from anyone’s specific desire to speak with you or inquire about your services. It was mentioned in the previous point too, but if you employ a receptionist (especially a virtual receptionist), you can even further ensuring that potential clients can get in touch with you at any time. This is true, too, of suppliers, employees, or business associates. The telephone means that you never have to worry about missing out on someone’s emergency or a change of plans – especially with the help of a receptionist or virtual receptionist service.

4. It Can Save You Time And Money

We have already discussed how the telephone does not cost very much, especially considering the benefits it supplies, so it is already clear how it can save you money. This fact is true, however, in other situations too. With a receptionist, for example, you are allowing yourself the freedom to move away from the phone or direct your attention to another matter that might be more pressing than an impending phone call. Voicemail or a receptionist means that you can go on to your next project, speak with someone else, or even take a break while still resting within the comfort that you can get back to the call when it is convenient to you. It’s great to be busy, but if you can’t be busy on your own schedule, then you will never get everything done that you need to do. A telephone lets you do all of it and more.

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