What Customers Hope to Hear When You Answer the Phone

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Do you want more sales? Are you looking to grow your company’s profitability? Of course, any entrepreneur wants to increase their business, but may not realize it starts with customer service. As soon as a client calls for assistance or help, your representative can deliver a positive experience, making it more likely that the client will purchase again. So what exactly does a customer want to hear on the other line of the phone?

“How can I help you today?” Customers want to speak with a friendly agent who empathizes with their situation. When you have an issue or a problem, you want the opportunity to explain it in detail without getting cut off.

After answering the phone with a friendly greeting, ask the customer how you can help. By using an open-ended question, you are inviting a dialogue and giving the customer the opportunity to identify what they need. This takes the guesswork out of the situation and ensures all parties are trying to solve the same problem.

“I don’t know the answer, but let me look into it.” Be honest with your customer. If you are asked a difficult question and are not aware of the answer, the last thing you would want is to deliver incorrect information and instantly lose your credibility and possibly future sales.

Although it may take several minutes to research an issue or speak to a manager about the situation, the customer will appreciate the thorough handling of the issue. If the research does take a long time, feel free to jump back on the line and keep your customer updated on your progress.

“I appreciate your business, and we look forward to servicing you in the future.” Letting the customer know that you appreciate the business means more than just thanking them for their order or their sale. Showing your genuine appreciation at the end of the call reiterates empathy and confirms that the problem was solved to the customer’s satisfaction.

If a customer does get angry or upset at any point during the call, do your best to remain calm and work through the customer’s issue. If you have done your job and worked to find a solution that works for your organization and the client, then your appreciation at the end of the call will allow the customer to leave with a positive image of your business.