How An Unanswered Call Can Hurt Your Business

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In business, a missed call can mean a missed chance to improve revenue because it can be from a client who wants to make an inquiry or your biggest customer who wants to close a rich deal. This issue should be addressed the soonest since it has the potential to hurt your company’s growth.

What You Should Know About These Missed Opportunities

More often than not, most business owners do not realize how much money they can lose simply because they didn’t answer a phone call. Also, according to statistics, 30% of customers will not leave a message, while 62% will not call back when the other line is busy.

The Virtual Receptionist To The Rescue!

The good news is they can be easily avoided if you’ll hire your very own virtual secretary. Turning to a freelancer who can do his/her job remotely is a great and affordable alternative to your usual in-house employee.

How can this be? Well for starters, you can set the working hours and therefore say good bye to missed calls. This is essential if you have a small to medium-sized company that does not have the luxury to hire employees who will perform round the clock answering services. Simply put, going virtual can be the best substitute if you have limited funding.

Crunch Time At The Work Place

Imagine this: you own a flower boutique and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What do you think will happen if you missed a call from your biggest client? Yep. You guessed it right! You’ll lose big bucks. This is where the expertise of a virtual receptionist comes into play. With a trained professional, client concerns can be dealt accordingly because phone calls will be answered with utmost enthusiasm and empathy.

Plus, the attention span of customers is generally short that is why they usually drop a business transaction in a heartbeat if it takes awhile for them to relay their concerns. But with virtual office assistants, these concerns can be responded and fixed right away.

In Conclusion

To round up, the effects of unanswered calls can be detrimental to your business. However, it’s great to know that with virtual services and technological advancements, your business can grow and customer satisfaction can be achieved in no time.

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