11 Podcasts You Need to Listen to For Inspiration

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Are you having issues staying inspired in your day-to-day life? Podcasts are a great way to connect with like-minded people, and find new ways to increase inspiration, productivity, and many other useful skills.

Knowing where to start with podcasts can be difficult, especially if you’ve never listed to one before. To help readers out, we have scoured the Internet to find the 11 best podcasts you need to listen to for inspiration. Check out our choices and start finding new ways to get inspired today!

1. Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is famous for his vegan-fitness lifestyle. If you want to learn to mix entrepreneurship with excellent nutrition, there are few podcasts out there that are as high quality as the Rich Roll Podcast.

2. Runner’s Connect

Do you fancy yourself a running enthusiast? If so, the Runner’s Connect provides a great way to feel connected with your fellow runners, and become more and more inspired with each passing day.

3. This American Life

A podcast continuation of the uber-popular NPR radio show, This American Life provides a wide variety of topics that keep you informed about the pulse of America. Listen up if you want to be inspired in a humble manner.

4. StartUp Podcast

Need to understand how you can get your business off the ground successfully? The StartUp Podcast features tons of amazing guests who will set you on the right path.

5. The Moth

Do you love a good story? Increase your inspiration for telling a good story to customers, or whoever, with this entertaining and accessible podcast. The Moth is known for helping readers to connect to inner-feelings to inspire new productive trains of thought.

6. The Tim Ferris Show

Winner of a “Best of iTunes” award in 2014, The Tim Ferris Show helps people “de-construct excellence.” For valuable insights into how excellence, success, and innovation can occur, this podcast is a must-listen.

7. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Need more happiness in your daily life? Gretchen Rubin’s podcast helps millions of listeners adapt their lives to be more satisfying. His inspiring tales and guest hosts have many stories to get you excited about the next big challenge in your life.

8. The Chalene Show

Fitness expert, social media coach, author, life coach; these are just a few of the honorable titles given to the host of The Chalene Show podcast. For a variety of energy-filled tips to improve your daily life, be sure to check out this inspiring podcast.

9. The Foundation

Hosted by Kevin Rose, The Foundation podcast is meant for tech-savvy entrepreneurs looking to stay updated about new giants in the tech world and beyond.

10. Genius Types

Made by a self-described “student of creativity, entrepreneurship, and personal growth,” the Genius Types podcast will help you determine new approaches for becoming inspired and productive.

11. LifeHack Live

A quality weekly podcast from one of the web’s most popular lifestyle blogs, LifeHack Live provides great tips, tricks, and hacks to help improve your day-to-day life. Your next big breakthrough in productivity could come from the awesome information in this informative podcast.

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