4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Prompt Phone Pick-Up

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A small business really needs prompt phone pick up. It might seem like a small thing, but for a small business, the small things are sometimes the most important ones. There are plenty of reasons why this is important, and some of the ones on this list probably seem like obvious reasons, but the negative effects of having poor phone pick-up times can be really detrimental, and they might not be as easy to see until it’s already too late.

1. Customers want to feel attended to

One of the many reasons why customers might turn to a small business instead of some chain or corporation is because they want to feel valued as an individual customer. If they call a small business expecting this kind of experience, and their call is not answered or not answered promptly, then they might start to reconsider their decision to go to a small business instead of a corporation or chain. Having prompt phone pick-up is just one little touch you can add to your small business, but it is also something the customers wanting to do business with a small business will expect.

2. Communication is essential for any business

This one should be obvious to everyone. If you are not in contact with your customers, your clients, or even other business associates, then you can expect that your small business will not be doing so well in a very short time. Being in prompt contact and always available when communication is needed also means that those clients, customers, and business associates will come to equate your small business with efficiency, reliability, and a host of other values that you want your business to stand for. You have probably heard the saying “communication is key.” This is even more important for small businesses.

3. Reviews

Many small businesses rely heavily on reviews. When potential customers are looking for a way to contact your small business, they will probably search for it online, see your website, and then reviews. If, when they are looking for the best way to contact your business, they see a review saying that your business does not pick up their phones, has long hold times, or simply does not answer the phones, then they might think twice about choosing your business to work with.

Conversely, if the first review they see mentions prompt phone pick-up and accessible customer service, then they will be even more convinced to choose your business than they already were. Really, the importance of good reviews to a small business cannot be overstressed, and communication is one of the first things potential reviewers are going to comment on. Make sure yours is great!

4. Develop your business’s reputation

Developing a reputation can be a good or bad thing for a small business, but a reputation means that people are talking about your small business, and that is always a good thing. If you can make your reputation a good one, then that just means more promotion for you and your business. Having super prompt phone pick-up and always being accessible to your customers, clients, and associates is a great way to establish that good reputation.