Benefits of a Virtual and an In-house Receptionist

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Receptionists are usually the first person your client ever meets. They are your first contact to your customers and they give the impression your company wants to project.

Live receptionists are the norm for many companies. However, as technology develops, new trends are employed and company offices are advancing to adapt technology on their daily tasks. Nowadays, small to medium-sized businesses adapt in the use of a remote receptionist.

Although both have its valuable benefits, below is a detailed comparison of an in-house secretary to its virtual counterpart:

Virtual Receptionists

  • Work Hours Are Maximized Providing more than just plain answering services, an online secretary provides exceptional service by always answering calls during work hours.  No breaks and no vacations, a virtual receptionist will maximize every hour you’re paying for.
  • Remains Professional They still maintain that professional aura with your clients. With calls answered attentively and quickly, your company’s image greatly benefits from it.
  • Skills & Expertise With matching speed, attentiveness and proficiency, your customers are assured to be well-taken care of.
  • Consistent Consistency is also one of their biggest key traits as they are always available and will strive hard to get the job done.
  • Cost Efficient The biggest benefit of a virtual receptionist lies in its affordability. Reliable and highly efficient, their service does not require additional budget and incentive, such as healthcare & overtime pay. You only pay for their actual hours of work.

In-house Receptionists

Live actual receptionist can still provide something its virtual counterpart cannot. Although the virtual ones can carry task between calls, tasks that require a more complicated process can also be suited to an actual human staff.

  • Can Be Given Extra Tasks They may also be given additional jobs that a virtual one can also do, such as clerical tasks like copying files, arranging schedule and working as your assistant on urgent matters.
  • Fluid and Natural It is also interesting to add that you and your customers can interact with live actual receptionists. Conversations can be spontaneous, resulting into an interactive transaction between clients.
  • Gives Added Security   An in-house secretary can, at times, assume some security officer function such as verifying employees’ identification, issuing passes for visitors, and most importantly, observing and reporting suspicious people.

As the years go by, the functions of a receptionist have expanded and the roles have evolved. No matter what the nature or the size of your business, the choice falls directly on your preferences.

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