Five Habits of the Super Successful

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Sometimes, it’s the small things which define successful people more than the big things.  Sylvia Plath woke up at 4 a.m. every morning. Stephen King writes a solid ten pages a day, every day. In every industry, small habits can lead to big successes, and the unique things that successful people do can help us understand what makes the ultra-ambitious and powerful reach their high pinnacle.  Here are five things super successful people do to stand out every day.

1.  Meditate

You don’t need Buddhist garb or an existential guru to meditate.  Though the term has been co-opted by the new age movement, meditation is really just about slowing down enough to recognize the small things and spend some time alone processing.  Successful people might meditate over their morning coffee, in the dead time between meetings, or at their own genuine Ashram, but many of the super successful swear by the power of quiet alone time.

2.  Read

If you spend all of your leisure time watching T.V., chances are you aren’t learning and growing as much as you could be.  Successful people make time to read almost every day, which can be a powerful habit to help you keep up with news and stay inspired by the great creative works of others.

3.  Take Detailed Notes

You never know when inspiration may strike, and when you may have the one idea that helps you tackle old problems with new solutions.  What helps define the super successful is that they are better at keeping track of these brief moments of genius, which can be organized into long-term results if you take detailed notes.

4.  Take Every Phone Call

No, the super successful and wealthy elite of the world don’t actually answer their phone every time it rings.  But, at some point in their career, they probably did.  “Taking every phone call” is a metaphor for seizing every opportunity, but actually answering the networking calls of others is helpful, too.

5.  Have a Medium Term Plan

People are usually best at making short term plans or long term dreams, but the super successful way to approach the medium term is with analytical planning as well.  Doing so can help you take control of the small things, which again leads to big successes.

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