6 Common Misconceptions About a Virtual Receptionist

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As the digital age grows bigger, a lot of companies are now utilizing the benefits of virtual receptionists. However, some business owners are still reluctant with this kind of service.

Misconceptions and misinformation are the usual norm whenever there is a new form of technology.

Various answering service companies, such as GabbyVille strives to provide crucial information on what implementing a virtual secretary is all about.

1. They Can Only Do Few and Simple Tasks – On the contrary, besides answering live calls; they can also take detailed messages and send it via email. Return personal calls on your behalf, create multi-conference calls, give appointment reminders and even play your favorite “on hold” music.

2. It’s Expensive – The main reason why majority of small to medium-size business owners prefer virtual answering services is that it’s more affordable than hiring an in-house receptionist. You only pay for the minutes you have used and do not require you to pay for employee benefits.

3. You Would Not Know What’s Going On – One common concern the owner has is that he would not be up to date to what is happening since virtual assistants are not physically in the office. Here’s the thing, even though you’re virtual employee is not in your office, you will still be up to date with all that is happening with your business. From calls coming in to messages left by your clients.

4. It’s Just an Automated Voice – Contrary to the popular notion that they are just androids, here  in GabbyVille, our virtual receptionists are live and actual people is answering your client’s calls. The only difference is that, instead of working in your office, they are located from our headquarters.

5. The Responses Are Scripted and Generic – Another misconception. Although they are well-trained to stick to a script, they can still adapt their talking skills from person when needed. Also, the scripts provided are customized to reflect your preferred handling of your client’s calls.

6. It Requires You To Sign A Long Term Contract – Employing a virtual assistant only requires you to pay for the minutes you are using. Depending on your preferred package, you avoid the hassle and technicalities, you only pay for what the minutes you need.

To conclude today’s blog entry, misconceptions arise when dealing with a new process or technology. But as they say, these queries can be handled and solved if enlightened.

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