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Trusty and traditional wired phones.

VerizonCentury LinkSprintFairPointFrontier


Shiny and multifunctioning mobile phones(iOS or Android devices).

AT&TVerizonT-MobileSprintU.S Cellular


    New generation phones that use internet connectivity to transmit calls.

    Google VoiceGrasshopperRingCentralVonage

    Wireless Call Forwarding Instructions By Carrier

    Call Forwarding from one cell phone to another is possible, in addition to forwarding from your cell phone to a land-line. Three types of Call Forwarding are available:

    • Immediate Call Forwarding: Immediately forwards incoming calls to a specified number

    To forward all calls to another number, without even ringing the handset, dial:

    *72 + 10-digit telephone number + SEND

    All Call Forwarded Calls are billed at the Outgoing Minutes Rate (not Incoming Rate). If Call Forwarding is used while the cell phone is roaming, the outbound call will be charged at the roaming rate (plus any applicable long distance charges).