4 Moves to Make Customers Come Back For More

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Congratulations, you’ve succeeded in getting those “preciousssss” (Smeagol, from the Lord of the Rings tone) customers. But the thing is: you’re not exactly sure if they’ll come back. Here’s the thing: luring customers is just the first step and keeping them is another challenge.

You see, we want you to succeed, so we’re giving you the secret “juice” on how to make them coming back like a junkie.

1. Be InterestingIs that too vague for you? Well allow us to enlighten you. Keeping your business interesting for customers is one of the sure-fire ways to make them come back.

Be it with funny and engaging copies (content) for your products, friendly live answering service or with constant new products/services, projecting an interesting image never fails to satisfy.

2. Freemium – It’s not just applicable to annoying “apps” for your smartphones anymore, it’s a lifestyle. Basically, a freemium service is a strategy that offers a product, service, or an application FOR FREE, but offers premium service or add-ons for a fee.

By using this strategy, you already create the potential for clients to get hooked on your “free product” therefore, make them come back and pay for some extra service. Some known examples include Spotify and many other online applications.

3. Offer Some Customization – In business, it’s best not to apply a one-size-fits-all strategy. Clientele needs are different so it’s logical to handle transactions in a custom-fit manner.

Look at Nike, Converse, and Adidas, they let their consumers design their own shoe. Or Toshiba for example. They help customers determine their needs and let them customize their very own laptop, specs-wise.

4. Reward Them Accordingly – Everyone just wants to feel special, wanted, and important. Oh no, you’re not reading some chick-lit book, we are talking about your customers. Make them come back for more by rewarding those who are most loyal. Be it giving them additional service or adding a fancy title on their name. By doing so, they’ll feel their value and become more loyal for many years to come.
Having loyal customers is the main reason why your business is running; that’s why it is important to make them an integral part of your company. So keep them engaged as well as entertained and they’ll certainly come back for more.

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