Three Strategies to Increase Conversions for Inbound Calls

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Companies and marketers know the value of calls. 52% of all traffic comes from mobile, and because of this, calling is made so much easier. In fact:

Seventy percent (70%) of mobile searches have used click-to-call buttons (via Google).

51% are likely to make a purchase.

Forty-five percent (45%) of consumers initiated a purchase over the phone (via KissMetrics).

This is interesting, but I already have a phone line. I already have access to that 51%. So what’s the problem?

The problem is, so many calls are unanswered and go to voicemail. Different industry voicemail rates range from 6.1% to 26.3%. 44.4% to 64.6% of those have intent to buy.

This is how much revenue you’re losing from missing those calls.

So how do you increase conversions from every potential customer who calls you?


1. Get detailed messages
You can’t answer every call that comes in and complete a sale. However, you can get their complete details, and any other required information and then lead them to that next sales call. Get their details, schedule an appointment for when you have time for a longer consultation. Make sure they end the call feeling happy and taken care of.

Of course, all that could still go to waste without a follow-up call. Make sure you organize voice calls and scheduled appointments, transcribing every important detail for that follow up call.

Repetitive questions could mean the difference between hiring you or the next firm they call.

2. Forward it to the right person
Are you getting a call for support, sales, or any other inquiry? Stop wasting time answering a call, only to find out it’s supposed to go to Sally from accounting, or Marco to close a deal. If you’re supposed to be spending your time on something else, don’t spend it answering calls you’re not supposed to handle. It doesn’t just waste your time, it also adds wait time for your caller.

3. Never miss a call
Calls are missed during business hours on Mondays to Fridays, but customers also sometimes call after 5 or on the weekends if that’s when they’re free. You may not be able to accommodate them, but they should be able to schedule an appointment with you on a more ideal time. This won’t happen from a single voice message. You need someone to take the call, schedule that appointment, and ideally, inform you about it via text message or email.

You don’t need to create these systems yourself, because these three are just a few things that Gabbyville receptionists do that increase conversion and professionalism for our clients.

Here’s a complete list of features we offer:


Call screening
Our Gabbonistas will screen each call making sure that you only interact with leads, clients, and business partners, saving you time and eliminating unnecessary headaches!

Unlimited Transfer Talk Time
The time spent speaking to third party on the transfer or a conference call is included in all Gabbyville plans – this means that the time won’t be billed against your plan minutes!

Coverage Time
Our Gabbonistas will cheerfully and professionally answer your clients calls from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM EST. We will soon cover 24/7 in 2021!

Voicemail Boxes
We provide a number of unique voicemail boxes to you so your callers can leave messages if you opt for them to do so! The number of voicemail boxes varies per plan.

Dedicated Receptionists
Our popular Premium and Executive plans give you access to your very own team of Gabbonistas, who will be dealing with your clients on a regular basis. They will be able to build strong relationships and solid rapport with your clients to your businesses advantage!

Usage Alert
We’ll let you know when you’re about to reach your plan’s limit by email or a personal, friendly phone call so you can avoid paying coverage fees!

Appointment Reminders
Our Basic, Premium and Executive plans come with an appointment reminder feature which enables you to have Gabbonistas remind you of important events dates and meetings.

Online Scheduling
Our Basic, Premium and Executive plans also enable your Gabbonistas to access your online calendar software to help schedule appointments and events.

Outbound Calling
Our Gabbonistas can call your clients, vendors, and even friends upon request for no extra charge! Rhe outbound calls will simply be deducted from your plans minutes.

Send Daily Requests to your Receptionist Team
Give directions and update your receptionist team of your daily service requests via phone, cal,l text, or email! Interact with your Gabbonistas on your preferred means of communication. Give directions and update your receptionist team of your daily service requests and important instructions via phone call text or email.

Toll-free and/or Local Number Included
All of Gabby ville’s plans come with that all free and or local number for your business

Message Taking and Deliver via Email and Text
Our excellent virtual receptionists will accurately jot down important messages when you are not available to take a call and send it straight to you via email or text so that you’re always in the loop.

After-hour Messages Transcription and Delivery
All of your client’s voicemail messages after office hours will be carefully and correctly transcribed and delivered straight to you.

All Calls Answered with a Smile
Our Gabbonistas are guaranteed to happily and helpfully take and make calls for your business! We’ll make your business sound like a Fortune 500 company with our impeccable customer service.

Impeccable Call Forwarding Services
Sith Gabbyville, you can forward your existing business phone number, Google Voice, RingCentral or any other virtual PBX service number to our virtual receptionists and we’ll take it from there.

Due to popular demand, we’re also going to launch our 24/7 voice and chat support soon.

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