Email Etiquette: Why Timely Responses Are Key

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Digital communication values continue to grow, as do consumer expectations regarding response time. This day and age are no time to slacken the reins of etiquette. Your reputation and your business are on the line.

While a live voice may not be on the end of the line or standing before you, email communication requires equal attention. A timely response to email offers a key to the success of your company, building customer loyalty and profits of your bottom line. Response windows of less than 24 hours remain acceptable in the business sector. For issues not addressed within this time frame, it benefits you to send an email stating when you plan to send the information. Why the pressure?

Affects Your Reputation

Timely email response evokes a sense that you are dependable in those among those whom you are in communication. It earns respect. This truth applies to customers and colleagues and mentors. On the other hand, failure to consider timely response valuable damages your reputation and decreases your effectiveness.

Builds a Good Relationship

Communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships and, email extends that. By ignoring or responding late to an email fails to value the original sender. This powerful message reduces loyalty. In business, customers expect a reply and desire to be informed. Communication along these lines goes a long way in building loyal customers. It is even believed that maintaining a healthy relationship helps retain the client even in the event of the human mess up.

Forgiveness flows easier in an established relationship than in a non-existent one. In fact, moderate professional skill matched with excellent customer relations retains clients better than highly-skilled professionals paired with second-rate relationships. Timely responses to questions and inquiries and keeping customers informed goes a long way in building loyal relationships.

Improves Customer Satisfaction

In an Oracle study, half of all customers allow one week for a response before they take their business elsewhere. Studies indicate that clients express satisfaction with 24-hour email turnarounds. But the speed of change in technology continues to tighten these guidelines. In this culture of instant gratification, strive to stand out. Sure, 24 hours is acceptable, but four to eight hours or less makes an impression.

Your reputation, a good relationship, and improved customer satisfaction speak well of your business and promote your bottom line. Crazy how a dose of timely email response can accomplish all of that.