6 Steps to Start Your Small Business Like a Boss

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So you’ve watched all the movies, read an entire magazine and even bought a brand-new suit. But still, you scratch your head and ask this question: “How do I start my small business?”

You want to be an entrepreneur. You have the desire, the resources and the tools, but you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry because WE GOT YOU on this. It’s time for you to know how to start your own small business.

Step 1: Know If It’s Plausible

Before you start your business, is your idea even realistic? Is there even a hint of success in your plans? Does your product or service have a specific market and will your potential clients buy what you will sell? More importantly, does your product and/or service even work?

Step 2: Hire a virtual receptionist

Since in-house receptionists are not exactly cheap, a business answering service is a great or even better alternative. Going for the second option is way better because it can help keep the flow of business smooth and efficient and save some cash along the way.

Step 3: Know Your Brand

Considering that you already know what you want to sell or what service you are offering, the next thing that you have to do is know your brand. And when we say that, we mean that you have to determine your business image. Kind of like, how a certain product markets itself. Are you going for the professional, no-frills image? Or do you want a more laid-back and fun type of brand?

Step 4: Plan and Dominate

Now that we’ve settled on those concepts, it’s time for you to plan your market domination! In your plans, make sure to include your target profit, the cost of running your business, and approach that you’ll utilize to market your products and/or services. They say brilliant people calculate their move and they couldn’t have been more correct.

Step 5: Ready a Back-up Plan

Building a back-up plan is also a great idea. Let’s face it, starting your own business is risky and it pays to have contingency plan—big time! Having one doesn’t mean that you are anticipating failure; it just simply means that you are aware of certain circumstances and you are doing something about it.

Step 6: Stand Out

Last but not least, you have to make your business stand out from the others. We already know that you offer quality products and/or services, but you got to make sure that you are in a unique position. Establish why you are better than others and why you are going to dominate this industry. You go champ!

All of these tips are useless if you don’t apply it in practice. So for our last advice, chase your dream and be the next Donald Trump! (Minus the coif and the bankruptcy, of course)

Photo credit goes to: hollywoodreporter.com

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