How A Virtual Receptionist Can Help An Attorney

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Most individuals expect an attorney’s phone to be answered by a receptionist. A receptionist suggests class, prestige, and a professionalism that clients want in a potential attorney. In a job that hinges largely on appearances and perception, it is important that your clients have the right idea of you as a well put together individual that takes their job seriously. A receptionist is a great way to do this, but they also come with a host of problems of their own.

An in house receptionist means a hefty salary that you will have to pay. Chances are high that you will also have to cover benefits for your receptionist too. Full time employees will also expect sick days, vacation time, and possibly even leave for numerous possible reasons. When you are counting on your receptionist to help you deliver the quality service and professionalism that your reputation suggests, you hardly have the time or the ability to worry about these added expenses and possible times you would have to go without your receptionist.

Fortunately, virtual receptionist services, such as Gabbyville, offer the same great services without any of those issues. Most virtual receptionist services work like an answering service. Instead of paying a whole person’s salary and giving them benefits and so forth, you simply pay a fee to the virtual receptionist service that undercuts the cost of an in house receptionist by a lot. Plus, because there is typically a team of people ready to answer and direct your calls as you need them, you do not have to worry about your receptionist ever being sick, taking lunch, being away, or leaving. Virtual receptionist services offer coverage throughout the work day.

Virtual receptionist services might seem like an impersonal approach, but they really aren’t that at all. In fact, you can work with your virtual receptionist service to make sure they answer, direct, and respond to calls the way that you want them too. Plus, at least at Gabbyville, your virtual receptionist will make sure that callers can see their smile through the phone. This indicates the level of personability they offer, and they promise this welcoming, courteous attitude at all times. Beyond that, any impersonal or detachedness can even prove beneficial for an attorney. Attorneys often must deal with private business that an in house receptionist might treat insensitively or without extra concern. Virtual receptionist services are bound by their company and their agreement with you to behave in a professional and appropriate manner.

But an in house receptionist does a lot more than answer the phones for me – you might find yourself saying. This is probably true, but so do virtual receptionist services. They can make sure your calls are forwarded as you need them. They can turn away unwanted clients or annoyances before they reach your desk. They can also be an extra benefit for attorneys because of the way they handle any documents that are sent to you. Important legal documents will no longer be at the mercy of whatever else happens to be on your or your receptionist’s desk at the time. A virtual receptionist service will make sure that all these documents are delivered to you in the manner you wish (whether that be through digital, post, or fax), and they can dispose of any files as you wish on their end too.

They can also work around your busy schedule. Any good attorney never spends the entire day in the office. A virtual receptionist service can work with you to make sure that calls are forwarded to your cell phone directly. They can also send voice recordings through texts and emails if a message has to be taken. They can also make your business less of a hassle. By working closely with them, you can make sure your virtual receptionist has your calendar and sends you reminders about court dates and other meetings as needed. Even when you are taking your own vacation, a virtual receptionist can still make sure your practice is running smoothly by directing calls to you wherever you may be or taking messages that you can respond to at your own leisure.

The argument here is pretty clear, and it does not take a persuasive attorney to make the case for virtual receptionists. If you are an attorney, and you want to set your practice apart from others, consider hiring a virtual receptionist service.