The Top 3 Inbox Rules You Need To Set Up Today

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What do we mean by this? Inbox rules can refer to a number of things. Do we refer to email inboxes or to voicemail inboxes? Are we referring to features that you should set up in the technology or self-limiting rules? The most important rules, as it were, are not limited to one specific category, so the ones on this list will be a mix of all of these. Still yet, here are the top three inbox rules you need to set up today.

Set Up Signatures

This is a super simple inbox rule to set up that can take your business interactions to a whole new level of professionalism. A signature that ends every email you send can provide the recipient of your email with a number of important pieces of information. It can inform them about the details of your position and how they should address you through your title. It can also provide them with other important contact information in case they need to send you information in another manner. Signatures, as you can probably see, can be very important.

Reply Promptly

This might seem like an obvious rule, but that does not mean that it isn’t important. By responding promptly to all messages, you establish a reputation that you care about your clients and business associates. This lets others know that, if they need business done quickly and correctly, they can contact you. Who doesn’t want that kind of a reputation?

Set Your Own Time Frame

This is more of a rule for your own well-being. You need to set your own time frame of when you are going to respond to messages. Obviously emergencies deserve to be responded to immediately, but you also need to give yourself some personal time that is not constantly connected to your messages. By establishing a time frame within which you will respond to messages, you provide yourself with a separation between work and your person life.