Manage Your Schedule and Be a Super Entrepreneur!

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Being an entrepreneur is like being a superhero since it’s hard to have at least a semblance of work and life balance. You try so hard yet for some reason, 24 hours seem not enough.

Why can’t just work and social life get along? Enough of the chatter and pick up a platter because were about to know the reason and solve this old dilemma.

  • Plan Ahead

In many ways, this has become quite a cliché, but you can’t deny that it’s actually the soundest advice you will get. By planning on how you go about your day, you can budget your time and will have a good estimate on how your day will pan out.

  • Prepare for Unforeseen Events

Let’s be real here for a second. Even if you planned ahead and prepared for every single task, there will always be events that you wouldn’t see coming. For instance, you might encounter a road mishap or a long traffic jam on your way to work.

Remedy things like this by allotting some extra time. If your usual travel is 1 hour, schedule things for 1 hour and 30 minutes, this way you still have some spare minutes.

  • Hire an assistant

If you can afford it, hire an assistant to help you get through the day. An assistant can help you schedule and plan things ahead of time. They can even hold clients for you until you arrive. But if it’s too out of budget, consider a live virtual assistant. She can provide all the benefits of an actual person but the difference is she goes to a different office!

  • Wake Up Early

Your parents were right. Waking up early is the best way to own the day. We know it’s so tempting to sleep for just a couple of minutes more but, by waking up earlier than usual, you will have more time to prepare and will have more extra time in case unexpected inconveniences happen.

We all know that there will be days when you can’t do it all. There will be times at the office when you will just get swamped with work but by applying these practical tips, we’re certain that you’ll have a better balance of work and life.


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