Building A Small Business Also Means Not Talking To People

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We have all heard the saying, “the customer is always right,” and there is certainly a lot of truth to that. But as you might have gathered from the title of this post, it’s not completely true. There are plenty of times when, what the customer thinks is right is not actually right for your business. Sometimes it is best to keep those comments from customers out of your ears and out of your business. What’s more, the customers are not the only ones that bring in unwanted and unneeded contributions. Sometimes, the best way to build your small business is to keep on your own track and not talk to people that are not worth talking to. This post is going to talk about those times.

First, and probably most obviously, are the unsolicited calls. If your business is succeeding, other people will notice. This can be a great thing, but it can also mean some unwanted attention too. Other companies looking to sell you unneeded products or services will likely call your business to cash in on your successes. Most of the time, these calls are just a nuisance and prevent you from doing work that actually needs doing.

This is true of customers too. They probably won’t be calling you to sell you their wares, but they are full of questions. Customers call for store hours, stock questions, to inquire about other services offered, and a plethora of other reasons that they could easily find the answer to online or elsewhere. While these questions deserve answers, they can be tedious too. It can be rage inducing to be interrupted during a meeting or important phone call to answer, for the thousandth time, when you close. This is one of the reasons why major companies and retailers have automated answering machines that provide this information. If you are hoping to grow your small business, then part of that growth will be recognizing what is beneath you as a business owner or operator, and handing that task over to someone else. That way you can focus on what you really need to get done.

Answering machines and automated responses can be so impersonal though – especially for a small business that relies on person-to-person interactions. One great way to keep these calls from reaching you while not being impersonal is to hire a receptionist. A receptionist can answer all of those inane questions and responds to those common concerns and still maintain that cheerful, polite conduct. In this way, the receptionist serves as a kind of gatekeeper between you and anyone that might call you. If the question or concern is beneath you, then the receptionist can handle it on their own. If the question or concern is worth you investigating or responding to further, then they will direct the call to your attention so that you can address it further. Furthermore, a receptionist can keep out the calls that are beneath all parts of your business entirely. A receptionist can screen calls for pestering numbers or people, and make sure that those calls are not answered. This will increase your business’s efficiency and make you seem more professional too.

A receptionist is often costly. With all of the benefits mentioned here, it is definitely worth it, but a small business might not be able to afford another employee. That’s part of the reason why virtual receptionist services, like Gabbyville, are so popular these days. A virtual receptionist serves all of the functions of a normal receptionist, and more, at a significantly lower cost to you than hiring another employee. They will be able to screen calls, answer questions as you instruct them to, and forward calls to you when your attention is needed. Plus, you won’t have to worry about your receptionist calling in sick or going on vacation. A virtual receptionist is always there to help you out. The personal touch isn’t lost either. A virtual receptionist isn’t some preprogrammed robot, but a team of people that are dedicated to you and your company, and they want you to succeed. Because of this, they always make sure their smiles are seen (even through the telephone), and that every customer and client feels welcomed. They do all of this, so you don’t have to.

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