10 Excuses You Need to Stop Saying

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Business leaders often have a forward-thinking vision and defined plan to help them reach their long-term goals. Bidding farewell to these common excuses can help you take one step closer toward your personal goals and success.

“I didn’t give this enough time – I’ll get to it later.”

There is always enough time to make some progress on the project. Keep track of what you accomplished, the achieved results, and the time it took, so that the next time a similar project arises, you’ll be able to estimate the time it will take to complete.

“I don’t have the expertise or knowledge.”

Most people aren’t experts – until they are. There is a wide variety of easily accessible information. Take a few minutes each day to learn something new that you can incorporate into your projects and business.

“I don’t have enough money.”

Ideas don’t carry a price tag. Be willing to invest in yourself by researching some creative ways to fund your dream.

“I’m too young – or too old.”

Age should not be a deciding factor in taking the next step toward success. Children have grown profitable businesses and organizations by seeking out the wisdom and experience of their elders – who can put that same wisdom and experience to work in their own lives.

“It’s too hard.”

Thomas Edison once remarked that he didn’t fail to create the light bulb 1,000 times – creating the light bulb took 1,000 steps. Approaching the task at hand with a positive mindset helps you overcome difficult jobs and understand how that piece fits in the big picture.

“I’m too scared.”

Taking a step of faith can be scary and exhilarating. Focus on growth and seeking out positive, encouraging mentors and role models who have taken a similar path.

“I have no plan.”

Without direction, it can be hard to decide the next step. A strategic session and re-evaluation of your long-term goals, both personally and professionally, can help align your steps and guide your choices.

“I care about what people will think of me.”

These people are not paying your employees or bills. It can take humility and growth to set aside what people may say and work toward your planned vision. Think about why the opinions of others matter to you and make a decision to follow your dreams.

“I’ll get to it later.”

Prioritizing tasks can be difficult, but with a step-by-step plan to reach your vision, you will be able to accomplish the important tasks in a timely fashion.

“I’m too busy.”

Decide which tasks are tasks only you can complete – and which are tasks that you can seek help in accomplishing. Answering and returning phone calls, status updates and online scheduling are all time-consuming tasks that can be handled by a virtual receptionist, freeing you up to grow your business.