The Top 5 Reasons Picking up the Phone Is Better Than Sending an Email

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All of this modern technology is great, but sometimes it aids in a lack of human communication. We forget this so easily, as we go about our days snapping pictures for Instagram and tweeting our latest thoughts.

It’s good to take a step back from technology and do things the old-fashioned way. So many times, we begin to type out an email instead of just simply picking up the phone to call the person. It’s time for a change!   Here are the top five reasons picking up the phone is way better than sending out an email. We know you’ll agree!

1. It’s just plan easier. Sending out an email takes time. You have to think about what to say, and type it out in a grammatically correct format. If you pick up the phone, all you have to do is use your voice! You can also multitask while you’re on the phone, which is a plus.

2. There’s no confusion. Texting and emailing can be a little confusing for the correspondents. Sometimes, words can be misinterpreted, which can lead to confusion. By talking on the phone, you minimize all that confusion, and you can communicate freely with whomever you’re speaking with.

3. It’s nice to hear someone’s voice. Admit it, hearing your best friend’s voice is way better than receiving an email from her. You can catch up quickly and get more in detail with what you’re talking about.

4. It’s fast. Emailing takes a while. You have to email back and forth, sometimes multiple times before you are done with the conversation. Talking on the phone is direct, and you get straight to the point. There’s no waiting game to play, you just talk, and everything follows!

5. It’s personal.  Sending texting and emails can be so impersonal. Using your voice is so much better! You’ll have better, stronger relationships.

Pick up the phone! Technology tends to complicate things. Instead of opting for complication, why not opt for simplicity? Picking up the phone used to be something that people looked forward to. Technology has made us dread this kind of direct contact, and that’s not good. So, next time you need to communicate with someone, don’t send an email–pick up the phone! Make it a habit, and soon enough you’ll do it without even realizing it. Those around you might pick up on the habit as well.