Seven Hobbies That Make You Think Smarter and Faster

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Everyone needs a hobby. There is nothing better than spending your downtime doing something you enjoy rather than something you have to do. Many hobbies are mindless and don’t allow you to accomplish anything. It is much better to choose a hobby that can be beneficial for you. Check out some of these hobbies that can actually make you think smarter and faster.

Learn to play a musical instrument

There are many benefits to playing a musical instrument. Learning music is a creative outlet that helps to build fine motor skills. It can help hone your analytical skills as well as improve your math and language abilities. Science has also proven that learning music helps to improve memory and builds problem-solving skills.


Reading goes beyond looking at words on a page. Reading anything increases crystallised, fluid, and emotional intelligence. Readers learn how to problem-solve by putting pieces of evidence together. Readers also detect patterns and understand processes.  These are skills that are easily transferable to everyday life.

Exercise regularly

It is well known that exercising regularly has a profound effect on the human body. It also has a positive effect on the mind as well. When you exercise on a regular basis, your body is flooded with BDNF, which is a protein that helps with memory, focus, concentration and understanding. One great way to get exercise regularly if you don’t like going to the gym is by joining an organized sports team or club.

Learn a foreign language

Learning a foreign language requires many different parts of the brain to function simultaneously. Science has shown that people who are multi-lingual have more gray matter in their language centers than monolingual people do. Bilingual people can more easily focus on multiple tasks at the same time because the parts of the brain that relate to reasoning, planning, and memory are more developed.

Complete brain puzzles and games

Puzzles such as crosswords and Sudoku are forms of exercise for your brain. Like the other muscles in the body, the brain works better and faster when it is used in multiple ways. Playing games requires the brain to reorganize itself to respond in different ways. When you play games and work puzzles, the neuroplasticity is increased, and you are able to approach issues from different points of view.


Traveling to different places can help to increase your intelligence. The physical and mental work it requires to travel to different places helps to relieve stress and allows you to become more focused and observe what is around you. Each location you travel to also presents new opportunities to learn new information, putting you in touch with new cultures and ideas, thus making you a more well-rounded person.

Collect coins or other interesting objects

Collecting coins or other objects helps you to understand the world around you. Collecting specific items fosters creativity and requires mental focus. It also helps to increase organizational skills. Having an interest in something great enough to make it a hobby also helps a dedicated attitude that can spill over into other areas.

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