Make Them Fall For You: The Secret to Creating a Good First Impression

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Giving a perfect first impression is arguably the most important aspect of business. Either with business partners, clients, or customers, establishing this connection is essential to close business deals, resolve issues, and ultimately, boost profit.


We know that this advice seems so simple but hear us out. Take a page from Gabbyville’s live virtual receptionists and smile! Smiling instantly brightens every conversation and projects a positive aura that makes connecting to your client easier. While you’re at it, make sure that your smile looks genuine and not like a hyena about to devour its prey.

(This is what we mean)

Look the Part

We hate to break it to you, but when it comes to first impressions, looks does matter. We don’t mean that you have to look like some super model but at least dress for the part. When meeting potential clients and/or partners, it’s best that you dress appropriately. Not a fashion guru? No problem. Go for “safe” clothing like a simple long-sleeved shirt and slacks for the gents and a knee-length dress coupled with a cardigan for the ladies.

Break The Ice

Before you go into your awesome and well-prepared sales pitch, consider establishing some familiarity. Maybe crack a little joke or interject some humor while discussing business. If possible, ask how their day is or even compliment their looks. But don’t overdo it! We don’t want them to think that you’re some sleazy sales-guy that’s being too overfamiliar.

Show Your Brilliance

It’s time for them to discover on the first meeting why you or what you’re offering is the best. When presenting, establish that you know your subject that you are basically a walking encyclopedia!

Also, it’s great to show them that apart from your business, you also know a thing or two about them. What this shows is that you did your research and know what you’re talking about.

They say that you only have one shot to create a good impression so don’t miss your chance when it comes. With these tips in mind, you’ll be receiving tons of business calls in no time. Don’t worry about that though, our live answering service is here to get you covered.

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