Why Integrating Your Communication Platforms Can Revolutionize Your Small Business

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Integrating communication systems mean merging all the communication methods employed by the organization including voice, emails, videos, instant messaging, etc. into one unified system.   The major aspects of an integrated communication system which are beneficial to the small and medium businesses are following:

1. Presence

It allows the employees to stay connected all the time regardless of the distance. Presence feature lets the users update their statuses in turn making it easier for others to access their availability. This feature is especially useful when employees are working from different buildings or different locations.

2. Instant Messaging:

Instant Messaging is a highly useful tool for real-time communications within the organization as well as with the customers. IMs reduce the hassles of emails to a great extent and have improved the response time. It is very convenient and easy to use and implement.

3. Unified Messaging

An integrated communication system transforms email clients like Outlook, Gmail into a common hub which includes voice mail, faxes and even recorded phone calls. This system allows the user to click-to-dial from an important message or an email with the numbers available directly in the emails or the contact list.

4. Mobile Device Integration

The communication system is integrated with the mobiles that enable the user to have connectivity regardless of where they are. It gives easy access to voicemails and company directories for remote employees and various other tools that increase the productivity.

5. Video and Collaboration Integration

The system allows collaboration within the organization using video messages & calls and web & audio conferencing which has reduced the communication barriers to a great extent.

6. Third-party Integration

Advanced integration allows the organization to collaborate their CRM, ERP, and other information system data. This feature is highly useful when dealing with multiple clients or customers as the details of the client/customer will be tracked for the data and appear in front of the screen whenever they call.   Overall benefits of having an integrated communication systems are:

  • Fewer systems to manage
  • Saved costs
  • Efficient time management
  • Error free exchange of data
  • Less reliance on emails
  • Easier management of virtual teams

All in all, an integrated communication system ensures better communication and increase in productivity, which is the core purpose and need of a small sized business organization.