The Go-To Site for Your Small Business Branding Needs

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Thinking of what your brand or service stands for is one thing. Getting it successfully across your intended audience through good design and copywriting can take a village of creative staff. Or does it?

Thanks (again) to the internet you don’t need to hire a designer for your product to have a professional-looking logo or newsletter.

Enter where you can find many good design templates for just about any marketing material that your business may need for free. All you need is a computer, good internet connection and you’re all set.

The site has a paid version where you can gain access to various design elements and photos, but the free version works great. It even comes with two folders for organizing your designs online.

No Logo? No Problem.

As mentioned, the site offers dozens of logo templates that you can tweak and tinker with. Round, square, hexagonal or whatever shape you feel speaks about your service the most, it’s there.

What’s good is that there are templates that come with their corresponding font styles. So you won’t have to problem what goes with your design or brand well. Just change the text to your product’s name, and there you go.

Should you have the urge to be creative to stray from the templates and mix and match shapes and fonts yourself, design away. (Caution of concern though: It might get addictive and take hours from your time.)

Neat Newsletters

Ever fancied that newsletter you received from a company you liked? You can make a similar one yourself.

Canva also has templates for inviting newsletter images to include in your email announcements to your clients.

Whether it’s about an event you’re having soon or a sale with awesome discounts, the website has different designs to suit each purpose.

Tip: Your company social media page can garner lots of likes and spread awareness of your brand, but email newsletters (from subscription to your website) speaks directly to your potential customers.

Other Documents

From company memos to presentation slides to attention-grabbing posters, can turn otherwise ordinary documents into more eye-friendly pieces.

Good design serves its purpose: Whether it’s to communicate better a simple message or your brand’s identity, what it’s really about.

Multi-national companies can cash out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to rebrand their product. They do this to get the product’s name and look the right feel it deserves, in the hopes of reaching better their target demographics.

You may not have millions, but so did all the other startups that made their way through hard work, skills, and some creative help online.

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