Public Relations Virtual Receptionist Services


Busy PR and Publicity Companies

As a PR expert, you’re busy coordinating public relations activities, working with writers and PR professionals, and developing brilliant media relation plans and strategies.

Sounds like you’ll need public relations virtual receptionist services to help you communicate better, faster, and more professionally!

From carrying confident conversations about traction, ed cal, boilerplate, and evergreen — you can count on our trusty Gabbonistas to speak positively and knowledgeably to your clients.

Why Gabbyville’s Virtual Receptionist Services?

Our public relations virtual receptionist services only provide the best customer care.

Michelle’s PR company began humbly, with one of her best friend’s as her first client. After remarkably boosting her friend’s audience in the literary industry, her business skyrocketed.

“I think what makes our company stand out is that we really take the time to understand our clients. We spend time with them in their environments, study what they truly need, and create plans to see their goals into fruition,” remarks Michelle.

And because Michelle and her small team are usually out and about, calls to their office are answered by the answering machine. That turned out to be bad for their business.

Public Relations Virtual Receptionist Services | Gabbyville

“I’ve tried getting an in-house receptionist, but we’ve had some difficulties finding the right one to fit our culture and workload. It’s also a bit expensive, so we had a few months wherein we ourselves had to pick up calls. And we’re all busy, it’s just hard to get great answers across at all times, and I admit to that,” states Michelle.

“I found Gabbyville online. They have a free trial of their service and I jumped on that immediately. I was truly impressed with how friendly and knowledgeable the Gabbyville team is and for such an affordable price.”

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