Virtual Receptionists for Occupational Therapists


What Occupational Therapists Need

As an occupational therapist, you’re busy developing treatment plans, educating patients and their families, assessing and evaluating patient conditions, and helping patients do different activities.

And you need a great team of receptionists to help you communicate better, faster, and more professionally!

From carrying confident and compassionate conversations about body awareness, directionality, fine motor skills, hand preference, and more — you can count on our trusty Gabbonistas to speak positively and knowledgeably to your patients.

How Gabbyville Can Help Occupational Therapists

Great customer service should be on top of a great vet occupational therapy clinic’s list.

Bernard started his occupational therapy clinic with a mission to be of service to the geriatric community.

“I started this company because I really saw the need for qualified and talented occupational therapists for the elderly population,” Bernard said.

“I visit my patients at the comfort of their own homes and provide occupational therapy. Calls from my home office are redirected to my cellphone, but when I’m with a patient, I don’t get to answer calls. I know I miss a lot of new patients that way,” admitted Bernard.

“It’s one of the best and most affordable investments.”

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Check out our handpicked list of helpful links

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