Meet Some of Your Awesome Personal Receptionists

Tammy Elliot

Team Supervisor

Who is Tammy?

She has a passion for reading, going out for a swim and watching football. Get to know more about Tammy.

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“I love working with businesses of all sizes. It’s quite rewarding when new start-ups use our services as kind of like their stepping stone, and praise us by saying that we are the reason they are able to focus on their venture.”

Sarah Van Dyck

Gabbyville Gabbonista

Who is Sarah?

She can be found reading, watching movies or hanging out with Felix. Get to know more of Sarah.

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“When I first started my job as a Gabbonista, I was a little shocked by the level of consistent and precise training we were given. In my previous jobs, we were kind of left to fend for ourselves. After having worked for Gabbyville for some time, I now see why the training was necessary and how much importance we place on ensuring that each and every call is met with a warm and welcoming smile.”

Brandy Smith

Gabbyville Gabbonista

Who is Brandy?

She spends her free time training and running for races. Get to know more of Brandy.

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“My favorite part of working with Gabbyville is getting to know the clients I’m working for. I really want to be able to understand your company and get to the point where I can anticipate your needs and how to better serve you — before you even have to ask.”

Beth Hall

Gabbyville Gabbonista

Who is Beth?

Beth is obsessed with glitter, colorful hair, rainbow, unicorns, and pretty much all things silly. Get to know more of Beth.

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“One of my favorite things is watching these small businesses really get to bloom and meet their goals! By allowing us to be the people on the frontlines for them, to filter through genuine sales calls, or block those marketing calls — it really gives our clients time to focus on their business, their needs, and their customers — and overall, it helps them succeed!”

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