Virtual Receptionists for Accountants and Accounting Firms


What Accountants and Accounting Firms Need

As an accountant, you’re busy crunching up accurate numbers, preparing important financial reports, filing income taxes, and analyzing transactions to ensure that companies and individuals have their finances in order.

And while you’re busy making sure that your clients, from individuals to big companies, get accurate financial reports at all times, you or your accounting firm needs a great team of receptionists to help you communicate with your amazing clients better, faster, and peppier!

How Gabbyville Can Help Accountants and Accounting Firms

You’re an awesome accountant — and ensuring the financial security of your beloved clients is your ultimate priority. And while you’re making magic with spreadsheets, calculators, and Quickbooks, allow Gabbyville’s top-of-the-line virtual receptionists to build great rapport with your clients. Most especially during the highly anticipated, three-month “busy season” wherein accountants like you need amazing receptionists to call clients and get any missing vital information for tax filing purposes. And while you work crazy long hours to finish your clients’ taxes, you’d need reliable, professional virtual receptionists who would work as hard as you — from beyond your office’s walls!

Because our professional virtual receptionists work remotely, you will save a considerable amount of money.

Our professional virtual receptionists work wonders to complement you and your accounting firm as they promptly and cheerfully tend to all calls. No more missed calls, no more missed opportunities!

What accountants need are virtual receptionists who work as hard as they do, who are highly experienced in dealing with different urgent situations and involving clients of all types.

Check out how Gabbyville’s virtual receptionists work from outside your accounting office to make it the best it could be!

Professional, polite and cheerful call-handlers

Our Gabbonistas’ professional, cheerful, and well-spoken manner of conversing over the phone is guaranteed to win over your clients and answer all basic questions about your business. From first-time callers calling to inquire about your services to your regular clients, our virtual receptionists will make them feel like royalty all the time!

No missed calls (and clients) guaranteed.

With Gabbyville, all your calls are answered — all the time. You won’t have to worry about missing clients and inquiries anymore, especially when you’re busy entertaining other clients, or doing amazing things with your spreadsheet!

All calls get screened and connected to the right people, always.

Let our Gabbonistas interact with and screen callers efficiently and patiently. By getting Gabbyville, we’ll make sure that all calls get the right attention, always. Building strong and lasting relationships via meaningful over-the-phone service ranks high in our order of priorities at Gabbyville!

Detailed message-taking and fast delivery times

Our Gabbonistas will make sure that you get the full, correct details of any and all calls, always. Masters of message-taking, our Gabbonistas are great listeners and know which questions to ask for you. We’ll deliver all messages via email or SMS so you can get it instantly. We deliver fast, for no extra charge!

Accurate scheduling and booking of appointments

Our Gabbonistas can work with any scheduling software (such as Timetrade, SetMore, Google Calendar, Outlook and more) to schedule all your appointments promptly. Spend your time expanding your clientele and your business, and we’ll happily take care of the tedious tasks behind it.


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Why Accountants Need Gabbyville’s Receptionists

We are top-notch conversationalists!

Gabbyville’s receptionists for accountants are known for their professional and courteous communication skills, which will only make your accounting firm build a great reputation with clients of different types, fellow accountants, bookkeepers, auditors, financial advisors, vendors, and other financial specialists! Our Gabbonistas are also great at communicating with you and your team via email and text.

We know the accounting lingo by heart!

We understand that accountants communicate with fellow accountants, auditors, clients and colleagues constantly. This is why our Gabbonistas are trained on basic accounting lingo to make sure that our calls are professional and are also efficient, to save you money. We are known for confidently communicating about accounts payable and receivable, debt-to-equity, audit, reconciliation, and so much more! They even know the differences between the usual accounting forms such as Schedule A (form 1040), W-2 and 1099-R forms, you can count on our trusty Gabbonistas to speak confidently and knowledgeably to your clients.

Our transcription skills are simply spectacular!

Our virtual accounting receptionists not only have super fast typing speeds, but they also have strong listening, grammar, spelling, and overall vocabulary skills to ensure that all important client and peer conversations over the phone are tended to professionally, at all times. We know how important accurate transcriptions are for accountants, (especially during tax season!) and we make sure that ours is second to none!

We are superior schedulers!

Our services cover the skillful scheduling of your callers into confirmed appointments within minutes! Our virtual receptionists are trained to be savvy with different types of scheduling software and programs to help keep your scheduling system in tip-top shape! We’ll schedule clients on your preferred days and hours, make confirmation calls upon your request, make sure to promptly inform you of any and all changes, adjustments, and cancellations, and calendar in important (very important) tax deadlines.

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Treat your Gabbonista as your own personal receptionist! This means that your Gabbonista will handle both inbound and outbound phone calls for you.
You can easily communicate with your Gabbyville receptionist by phone, email, or text.

For example, you may text your Gabbonista to call a specific client to remind him of his 1 p.m. appointment – and it can easily be done.

All inbound and outbound phone calls are simply deducted from the same monthly pool of minutes!

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