Virtual Receptionists for Accountants and Accounting Firms


What Accountants and Accounting Firms Need

As an accountant, you’re busy crunching up accurate numbers, preparing important financial reports, filing income taxes, and analyzing transactions to ensure that companies and individuals have their finances in order.

And while you’re busy making sure that your clients, from individuals to big companies, get accurate financial reports at all times, you or your accounting firm needs a great team of receptionists to help you communicate with your amazing clients better, faster, and peppier!

How Gabbyville Can Help Accountants and Accounting Companies

Great customer service should be on top of a great accounting service’s list.

Gillian started her accounting business doing taxes for friends and relatives. After two years of steady business growth, she decided to quit her full-time job to focus on her own business.

“It was something that I really wanted to do, but I’ve hesitated for so long. When I finally decided on it, there was no turning back. It’s the best decision, I can honestly say that,” Gillian said.

Currently, Gillian is a one-person team. And while she enjoys working independently, she admits that she can use some assistance on certain aspects of the business.

“Scheduling and phone-answering are tasks that I found I can use an extra hand with. When I’m working on audits and financial forecasts, it’s hard for me to work the phone. Especially when multiple calls come in. It’s either I put callers on hold, or I let them go straight to voicemail. It wasn’t great for business,” states Gillian.

Gillian found Gabbyville Virtual Receptionists on Google and she decided to give it a try.

“It’s a great service. Now I’m confident that all my clients get great customer service over the phone. They also run scheduling efficiently. My clients love dealing with my virtual receptionists. They think we all work in one office,” remarked Gillian.

“I’ve got no complaints. I only have good things to say about them. Making my business sound bigger than it is is a big bonus!,” commented Gillian.

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