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What Lawyers Need

Whether you’re flying solo as a lawyer or you’re in a bustling start-up of a law firm, your needs are no different than a big and established firms. You aim to make a name for yourself or your firm, and to be able to do that you need to make great first impressions with your clients.

Our professional counsel? Gabbyville is a lawyer’s best choice for quality virtual receptionist services!

How Gabbyville Can Help Lawyers

Lawyers are known to be detail-oriented and accurate professionals. And they don’t necessarily need a lot of employees under their wing (or payroll, for that matter) to take on everyday office tasks properly and efficiently.

What they need are virtual receptionists who work as hard as they do, who are highly experienced in dealing with different situations, involving clients of all types, and legal professionals of all levels.

That’s where Gabbyville comes in.

Check out how Gabbyville’s virtual receptionists work from outside your firm’s office walls to make it the best law firm it could be!

Professional, polite and cheerful call-handlers

Our Gabbonistas have a professional, polished, well-spoken and cordial way of greeting clients over the phone. And when your callers are not at their most cheerful and are feeling vulnerable, our Gabbonistas are trained to put callers at ease and practice sensitivity, confidentiality, and empathy on all calls.

No missed calls (and cases) guaranteed.

With Gabbyville, all your calls are answered — all the time. You won’t have to worry about missing client calls anymore, especially when you have to step out to meet with others!

All calls get screened and connected to the right people

Let our Gabbonistas interact with and screen callers efficiently and patiently, without being offending. We understand the art and science of dealing with clients, no matter how difficult. We’ll make sure that we do good by your reputation.

Detailed message-taking and fast delivery times

Our Gabbonistas will make sure that you get the full, correct details of any and all calls, always. Masters of message-taking, our Gabbonistas are great listeners and know which questions to ask for you. We’ll deliver all messages via email or SMS so you can get it instantly.

Accurate scheduling and booking of appointments

Our Gabbonistas can work with any scheduling software (such as Timetrade, SetMore, Google Calendar, Outlook and more) to book appointments promptly. Spend your time expanding your clientele and your business, and we’ll happily take care of the tedious tasks behind it.


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Why You Need Gabbyville’s Legal Receptionists

We are top-notch conversationalists!

Gabbyville’s legal receptionists are known for their professional and courteous communication skills, which will only make your solo practice or solid firm build a great reputation with clients, paralegals, fellow attorneys, vendors, and even your opposing counsel! Our Gabbonistas are also great at communicating with you and your team via email and SMS.

We know the legal lingo by heart!

We understand that lawyers communicate with fellow lawyers and colleagues constantly. This is why our Gabbonistas are trained on basic legal lingo or lawyer-speak to make sure that you are well represented over the phone. From dealing with depositions, determining what kind of lien is being talked about, and knowing what chapters 11 and 12 are, you can count on our trusty Gabbonistas to speak confidently and knowledgeably to your clients.

Our transcription skills are simply spectacular!

Our virtual legal receptionists not only have super fast typing speeds, but they also have strong listening, grammar, spelling, and overall vocabulary skills to ensure that all important client and peer conversations over the phone are tended to professionally, at all times. We know how important accurate transcriptions are for lawyers and attorneys, and we make ours seem like it was done by your favorite paralegal!

We are superior schedulers!

Our services cover the skillful scheduling of your callers into confirmed appointments within minutes! Our legal receptionists are trained to be savvy with different types of scheduling software and programs to help keep your scheduling system in tip-top shape! We’ll schedule clients on your preferred days and hours, make confirmation calls upon your request, make sure to promptly inform you of any and all changes, adjustments, and cancellations, and calendar in legal deadlines.

What Our Friends From the Industry Say:

Gabbyville virtual receptionists represent you as a kick-ass lawyer or your amazing law firm as if they are working right in your office’s front desk! Your Gabbonistas will answer all calls with a specific welcome greeting that you can customize to better reflect your business’s tone. We’ve had countless customers compliment us on how our Gabbonistas seem to be receiving or making phone calls from their offices, according to their own clients.

Kind Words From Our Clients

“It has been such a pleasure to work with Gabbyville. From the customer support staff to the virtual receptionists, Gabbyville makes my boutique law firm sound huge! My clients appreciate their kind tone and their considerate demeanor (and so do I). The most valuable benefit for me is the ability to decline calls without sending my clients to a computerized voicemail. Thank you Gabby!!”

Katrice M. Matthews
Law Firm

“It’s been a joy to work with the Gabbyville team! It’s also a luxury for a small business owner and sole provider of professional services like me to be able to leverage technology in this manner. With the assistance of my Gabbonistas, I am able to reach and serve a larger audience. The team’s response time is, hands down, unbelievably quick and the delivery is exceptional — their service goes beyond my day-to-day needs! They are able to anticipate my next step and deliver ahead of schedule. They go beyond my expectations!”

T.W. Family
Law Attorney

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Check out our handpicked list of helpful links

Are you ready to build a better business?

Get Gabbyville FREE for 14 days today!