Virtual Receptionists for Banks


What Banks Need

As a bank manager or owner, you’re busy providing stellar assistance to all your clients, maintaining the high level of customer service by resolving problems and complaints, promoting your bank’s services and products, keeping close tabs on sales targets and projections.

And you need a great team of receptionists to help you communicate better, faster, and more professionally!

From carrying confident conversations about accrued interest, amortization, available credit, balance transfer, banking days, cosigner, and more, you can count on our trusty Gabbonistas to speak positively and knowledgeably to your clients.

How Gabbyville Can Help Banks

Great customer service should be on top of a great bank’s list.
If you own or manage a bank or a credit union, you completely understand just how important answering phone calls are to your business. There are new, more advanced ways in which clients can communicate with you, but the phone is still a trusted platform for customers.

When clients are constantly put on hold or are sent straight to voicemail, customer service is compromised. It does not contribute to the customer-centric image you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Getting great over-the-phone assistance from Gabbyville’s professional and peppy virtual receptionists will put you back on track with your customer service goals.

With all calls answered courteously and cheerfully, frequently asked questions addressed, and important messages jotted down accurately, Gabbyville is your business’s best bet.

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