These Mobile Trends are Reaching Customers On the Go

Apparently, the world has gone mobile.

Not that it had stopped. But ever since the world said hello to the iPhone in 2007, it has forever been changed.

People had for the very first time a sort of well-designed minicomputer at the palm of their hands, able to do so much more than simply call their loved ones and friends while on the go.

Fast forward to today, the smartphone (as many now know it) is commonplace with features that people find more and more entrenched in their day-to-day activities, from exercising to shopping.

Which is why it’s no surprise that businesses both big and small have found clever ways to reach their existing and potential customers. It’s an inevitable and wise move for companies who wish to keep up with a more technologically-capable and on-the-go market.

In that spirit, here are some of the latest mobile trends catching consumer’s eyes (literally) that businesses, particularly small businesses, have been taking advantage of:


  1. Event live streaming


Many small businesses now post a live video streaming of an event or even a special feature of their shop or company.

Restaurants, for example, show how they hold a birthday celebration or even just how their chefs prepare and cook the menu special for the day. Companies on the other hand live stream a special event for the followers of their official social media site to enjoy.

Viewers get to get a taste of what their service is like, and in turn, becomes an invitation to come and join in or inquire about the event they had just watched.

Just be sure to have a trained staff to answer any queries that come from your social media page.


  1. SMS transactions


If email doesn’t happen to be the thing of your clients when it comes to transactional activities like getting payment confirmation, digital receipts, or appointment reminders, then offering these up through SMS can get you on their good side.

With all these things not mixing with their personal and/or work emails, it offers a simpler yet effective and useful approach to customers who like getting a break from their inboxes on the weekends or days off.


  1. Easy payment process


Apart from offering quality items on your store that customers can really appreciate, make sure that they also get to go through the simplest, effortless payment process you can give.

You don’t want to waste all your efforts in getting your customers to see your products only to lose them at checkout because of a difficult payment procedure.

A secure, easy payment method won’t only a provide a convenient end to an online purchase, but can invite customers to come back the second to the nth time again.


  1. Location-based marketing


Ads reach out to a specific target or potential market who are most likely to buy their product or acquire their service.

But what sometimes stops consumers from buying anything is not knowing whether what products and services are available in their area.

Enter location-based marketing. It makes use of a mobile phone’s GPS and shows a user what items, services, or even promos they can purchase where they are or are going to.

This can be a great service not only because it saves time for consumers because they no longer need to search for what they wish to buy, because it’s offered to them.

The smartphone has changed the way people live their lives for decades now. It’s only high time that small businesses be also wise enough to tap into its potential towards making new and better services available for the consumer.

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