Cool Ways to Beat Heat Stress in the Office or at Your Small Business

While running a business or working a job you love at the office can give you a sense of achievement, it can also be a source of stress — whether it be your co-worker’s behavior, your manager’s demands, or your customer’s complaints.

But one source of stress that encompasses us all, be at the office or down the street, is heat. What with the greenhouse effect and global warming to exacerbate the sun’s power, and we’ve all got a problem at hand.

Heat stress “is a situation where too much heat is absorbed by a person, a plant or an animal and causes stress, illness or even death,” according to the ProCare Netherlands’ website that is dedicated solely to it.

Heat stress manifestations include:

  • An elevated body temperature
  • Hot, dry skin
  • Lack of sweat
  • Neurological symptoms like paralysis, headache, vertigo and unconsciousness

Heat stress can get serious. But there’s no need for alarm if we know the ways on how to combat excessive heat, especially, where we spend most of our times during the day or night: at our workplace.


A business need


As business owners and managers, it’s our primary job to ensure that our business areas have an accommodating temperature for our employees and our customers.

In fact, a recent Harvard research shows that people think and perform less than expected when it’s hot.

But we don’t have to be told by university researchers to know that.

What customer wants to suffer from the discomforts of heat while purchasing a product or acquiring a service? Equally, what employee doesn’t wish to be bothered by the stress of high temperatures and just focus on their work?

Simply put, good ambience is a a business need, calling for more than tolerable conditions, but satisfactory or greater.

Thus, make sure that your office is:


  • Well-ventilated
  • Equipped with heaters for winter and air-conditioning for the summer


Apart from these, here are other good practices to note on keeping the heat out of your business area and its stress out from under your nerves.


Block the source


While the sun’s rays can help your body produce Vitamin D, it can also let in a lot of heat to your workplace, and contribute to the unruly heat.

Thus, to decrease its effects, block the source with curtains or blinds. Less sunshine in, less heat.


Conserve and cool


Speaking of heat sources, turning off light bulbs, computers and other electrical devices that are not being used — little as they may be — can help generally cool things down, including company costs and carbon footprint.


Invite the night air


During the summer, the nights are usually better. So if you have a room somewhere that can allow for the cool night air to come in (not to mention someone to do it), then take advantage of it to cool down spaces in preparation for the hot day after.


Reflect light


If you’ve ever wondered why astronauts wear white far beyond the protection of the earth’s atmosphere, it’s because the color helps to reduce heat from the sun by reflecting it.

Another bright way to reduce heat is to install reflective material on your windows. Like blinds and curtains, this will help ward off heat and help your air conditioner do its job better.

Keeping cool is more than just a business need. Heat is good, but too much can kill you, so be wise to deal with it and don’t let it get under your skin.


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